Cables and Connectors

Signal success with connectivity solutions.
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Cables and Connectors

Dec 30, 2009 5:34 PM, By Mike Keadle

Signal success with connectivity solutions.

Cables to Go RapidRun Digital Modular Cabling System

The AV community is full of excitement. Let’s face it—we make our living every day working with the latest technology available. By the rest of the world’s standards, we play with toys all day long.

Every year we look forward to the new box that gives us an extra input, output, watt, or lumen. We are blown away by the display that boasts a 3in. larger diagonal display than its competitor. The advancements brought about by new technology never fail to wow and amaze us.

The wow and amazement typically stops at the loudspeaker, display, or equipment rack. Rarely do we take the time to consider all of the connections between the various boxes of flashing lights.

Cable and connectors may not seem like the most exciting product we deal with, but as technology has advanced, and we have continually pushed the envelope of higher quality sounds and images, they have become more critical to our success. We no longer have the luxury of using any old piece of copper to pass the signal. We now have to take seriously the role that quality cables and connectors play in our toy box.

To meet the challenges and demands of advancing technology, manufacturers have developed high-quality cable and connector solutions that help us to achieve the top performance of every system we touch. It is in our best interest, and quite frankly our duty as AV professionals, to study and embrace these new connectivity solutions with just as much excitement as we would any new product.

Atlona Technologies has released a new line of HDMI and HDMI-to-DVI cables with swivel connectors. The connectors of the cables swivel a full 180 degrees to allow the connection to be made to the equipment without bending the actual cable. The cables are constructed of premium materials and are HDMI1.3b-certified. They support 36-bit deep color, resolutions up to 1080p or 1920x1200, and feature triple shielding for maximum rejection of RFI and EMI. The HDMI and HDMI-to-DVI swivel connector cables are available in 3ft., 10ft., and 16ft. lengths.

The company’s new line of Mini DisplayPort fiber-optic cables now provides a way to extend displays up to 330ft. from a PC or Mac computer. The cables take power from the Mini DisplayPort output of the computer so no additional power supply is required. Also included are adapters to convert the cable to standard DisplayPort male connectors. They support a resolution of up to 2560x1600, 16-bit color, and speeds up to 10.8Gbps. They are DPCP- and HDCP-compliant and provide full extended display identification data (EDID) pass-through between source and display. The Mini DisplayPort fiber-optic cables are available in 33ft., 66ft., 100ft., 130ft., and 330ft. lengths.

Audio Accessories’ line of digital audio to BNC patchbays offers advantages over traditional audio patchbays. The patchbays themselves use standard 110Ω mini, TT, or Bantam audio patch cords on the front. The rear of the patchbays feature standard BNC connectors. Each jack has a built-in balun to match the unbalanced 75Ω coaxial cable connection to the balanced 110Ω jack. This conversion meets the AES3 standard, allows longer cable runs with less distortion, offers the capability of higher sampling frequencies, and provides greater noise immunity. Easy installation and high reliability are provided by the standard BNC connectors and 75Ω coaxial cable used for connection between patchbays.

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Cables and Connectors

Dec 30, 2009 5:34 PM, By Mike Keadle

Signal success with connectivity solutions.

Belden’s new Maxiblend Tactical fiber-optic cables are designed to stringent military standards. They feature an aramid yarn strength member and a tough, sunlight-resistant outer jacket. Combined, these attributes make the Maxiblend Tactical cables extremely resistant to abrasion, crushing, and cut-through. The tough nature of these cables allows them to be used for repeated deployment without sacrificing their high-quality and reliable performance. Maxiblend Tactical fiber-optic cables are available in single-mode and multimode construction with up to 12 fibers and a variety of special options including glass type, fiber count, and jacket color and material.

Belden’s new 3600 series preterminated green cabling system will offer integrators substantial installation and cost savings. The 3600 series is standardized with six cable bundles of preterminated RJ-45 cable assemblies. Assemblies are available in 1ft. increments from 6ft. to 50ft., and in 5ft. increments from 55ft. to 295ft. Each is also labeled with a unique serial number and bar code for easy asset management. Since all components are factory tested, there is no need for expensive and time-consuming testing and troubleshooting. The plug-and-play installation of this green system allows reusability and results in lower cost and less waste.

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Cables to Go TruLink VGA with Audio Over Cat5 Extender

The TruLink VGA with Audio Over Cat-5 Extender from Cables To Go uses a single Cat-5e unshielded twisted-pair cable to transmit both VGA and 3.5mm audio signals up to 1000ft. It is ideal for applications where a VGA display must be located farther than 100ft. from the source such as retail outlets, churches, classrooms, and boardrooms. Organizations can use their existing UTP infrastructure and avoid expensive cable runs.

The RapidRun Digital modular cabling system supports multiple signals over a single cable. Cable terminals known as break-away flying leads and break-away wall plates ensure flexible, efficient, and high-quality connections for all types of equipment. A single cable in a length up to 100ft. can be easily pulled through conduit or a wall with a screw on pull cap and quickly attached to the leads or the wall plate. Equipment upgrades requiring cabling changes are greatly simplified by the ability to switch out the cable terminal from DVI to HDMI, or vice versa. The flexibility of the system saves installation time, accommodates last-minute changes, and reduces the likelihood of faulty terminations.

Clark Wire & Cable’s FocusGuide products are designed for extended life operation in harsh or uncontrolled environments. The lineup offers indoor, outdoor, tactical, multimode, single-mode, or any other combination of cable options. Plugs, flange-mount receptacles, and in-line receptacles are offered in aluminum, brass, and stainless-steel construction with a choice of electroless nickel or anodized aluminum finish. Options of seven, 17, or 33 contacts—either copper or fiber—are available, allowing custom connectors and applications to be easily created.

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DVIGear DVI-7315 Fiber-optic Extender

DVI Gear’s DVI-7315 fiber-optic extender is designed to route high-resolution DVI signals up to 500 meters. It consists of a high-speed optical transmitter module that converts the DVI signal into light pulses for transmission over a single strand of multimode fiber and an optical receiver that converts the light pulses back to a DVI signal for display. A programmable memory chip provides support for EDID information without the need for a copper cable. HDTV resolutions up to 1080p and PC resolutions up to 1920x1200 are supported. The DVI-7315 is the ideal solution for critical display applications demanding flawless DVI signal quality over extremely long cable runs.

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DVIGear DVI-7510a HDMI Active Connect Coax Extender

The DVI-7510a Active Connect HDMI coax extender uses coaxial cables to route HDMI signals at distances up to 100 meters. The DVI-7510a is HDMI 1.3-compliant and HDCP 1.4-compliant. It supports resolutions up to 1080p, 1920x1200, and 2048x1080; 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, and 16-bit deep color modes are all supported. Four coaxial cables are used for red, green, blue, and clock channels, and an optional fifth coaxial cable may be used for power transmission to the receiver. The use of coaxial cables makes the DVI-7510a an ideal solution for a retrofit using existing coaxial cable or in new installation where coaxial cables can be pulled and terminated on the job site.

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Cables and Connectors

Dec 30, 2009 5:34 PM, By Mike Keadle

Signal success with connectivity solutions.

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Fischer Connectors AluLite connectors

Fischer Connectors’ AluLite connectors offer substantial weight savings over traditional connectors. The aluminum design is up to 50 percent lighter than comparable products offered by other manufacturers. This makes them ideal for portable systems—especially when the weight savings for shipping is considered. The connectors are sealed up to IP68 and operational from -50 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius. They can withstand the harsh conditions of outside broadcasting. The Alulite connectors accept cable diameters from 1.4mm to 10.7mm and are available in multipole from two pins to 27 pins, and upon request, in coax, triax, or hybrid configurations.

Gefen’s new EXT-HDMI1.3-CAT5-ELR transmitter and receiver system provides HDMI video and audio, and Ethernet and IR back channel at distances up to 330ft. over a single Cat-5e cable. The HDMI transmission will support 1080p/60 full HD video with deep color, lip sync, and 8.1 digital audio. Ethernet extension allows IP-based applications to be integrated into the system by allowing connection of both the transmitter and receiver to standard 100Base-T switches and hubs. Back-channel IR through the built-in IR blaster allows control of the source device by pointing the IR remote at the display device. This allows control as if the source device was in the same room as the display. The EXT-HDMI1.3-CAT5-ELR is fully HDMI- and HDCP compliant.

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Gepco International VHD2001M RG6-type HD Coax

Gepco International’s new VHD2001M RG6-type HD coax cable features a precision-stranded 18AWG center conductor, a unique double-braided shield, and an extra-flexible matte PVC jacket. It uses Gepco’s crush-resistant, gas-injected polyethylene compound to reduce attenuation and extend operating bandwidth. The electrical specifications of the VHD2001M cable meet or exceed SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 24M standards, while the mechanical dimensions ensure consistent stripping and connector termination. The increased flexibility of the VHD2001M cable makes it ideal for the transmission of uncompressed HD video in patching or remote locations.

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Gepco International HMS and HMD Modular Hybrid Fiber Distribution Racks

Gepco’s new HMS and HMD Modular Hybrid Fiber Distribution racks simplify and improve the cable installation process by providing an onsite termination solution for SMPTE 304M camera connectors. Both the HMS and the HMD feature new internal cable management with configurable ports for multiple cable formats including 9.2mm SMPTE hybrid cable, discrete electrical and fiber cables, or the HDC3R 3-channel hybrid cable. The internal management also eliminates the need for excess heat shrink, furcation tubing, and strain relief. Non-conductive, electrically isolated modules allow the HMS and HMD to be configured with Lemo SMPTE 304M or Neutrik OpticalCon connectors. The HMS features an internal fusion splice tray allowing direct fusion splicing to the fiber in the hybrid connector. The splice tray was designed specifically for management of larger cables. The HMD features an internal SC breakout for quick disconnect of hybrid modules. Optional fusion splice mating connectors are available.

Neutrik’s new opticalCon Quad connectors build upon the success and innovation of the company’s opticalCon Duo series of ruggedized fiber-optic connection system. Like the opticalCon Duo line, the opticalCon Quad series is protected by an extremely durable, all-metal housing with spring-loaded locking mechanisms. The opticalCon Quad series is offered in single-mode and multimode fiber in 4-channel, 4-channel X-treme, and Triple Split 12-channel assemblies. They are IP65-rated for dust-tight and water-jet protection.

The Neutrik convertCon series offers the world’s first unisex XLR connectors. They allow easy selection of either a 3-pin male XLR or 3-pin female XLR connector by simply sliding the connector housing back and forth. The convertCon series connectors can be used instead of adapters where needed, and they are a great addition to an audio cable emergency kit.

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Cables and Connectors

Dec 30, 2009 5:34 PM, By Mike Keadle

Signal success with connectivity solutions.

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Switchcraft EH Series Connectors

Switchcraft’s EH Series offers a complete line of audio, video, and data connectors in standard panel-mount XLR housings. Any combination of EH series connectors can be mounted in the Q-G series rack panels, allowing fast and easy connection points to the back of equipment thanks to the feed-through design of most of the connectors. Connector offerings include 3.5mm; S-VHS; PS/2; IEEE1394; IEEE1394B; RCA; BNC; USB; 9-pin D-sub; 15-pin D-sub; F, LC, SC, and ST fiber; and Toslink. Q-G series panels come in 1RU and 1.5RU versions, which allow any combination of 16 EH series connectors, and a 2RU version, which allows up to 32 EH series connectors. All Q-G series panels include quick-change designation strips to allow easy connector labeling and identification.

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West Penn Wire’s new 6CRGB2P composite cable is ideal for worship center, classroom, or boardroom installations. It combines six coaxial cables along with two shielded twisted-pair cables under a single flexible jacket. The combination of cables allows audio, data, or control signals to be run along with RGBHV and composite video through one cable.

West Penn’s CN-SSHDTB3R or CN-WSHDTB3R wall plates match up perfectly with the new cable, providing connections for an RGBHV and composite video source each with audio inputs as well.

Whirlwind’s MK4PP series of dual XLR cables are perfectly suited for stereo audio connectivity and patching. The dual cables are color-coded for easy left and right recognition. They are also offered in standard lengths of 1ft., 2ft., 3ft., 5ft., 10ft., 15ft., 20ft., and 25ft. lengths. Custom lengths are available by special order.

The company’s new Connect series DS328T transmitter and DS328R receiver work together to form a complete digital snake solution. The pair features 32 analog inputs and eight analog returns via a single Cat-5 cable. Gain and 48V phantom power are manually controlled at the transmitter. Additional DS328 receivers may be added for providing splits to multiple locations.

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Wireworks MCat524 Cable

The Wireworks MCat524 provides up to six Cat-5e channels in a single trunk cable. It features an extra tough double jacket with a separating foil shield and an overall foil shield to provide additional EMI reduction. Trunk cables are available in lengths up to 250ft. Each end of the trunk cable is finished with the rugged Wireworks male G-Block connectors to eliminate mismatched cable runs and save wear and tear on equipment connectors. The tails are terminated with female G-Block connectors. Positive BLS latching is standard. The breakouts on the tails also feature color-coded boots to easily identify cable channels, and they are terminated with either RJ-45 or Neutrik etherCon connectors. The MCat524 supports six channels of 10Base-T, 100Base-T, and 1000Base-T communications, or six channels for systems requiring four pair connections. Twelve channels are supported for 10Base-T and 100Base-T, or for systems requiring two pair connections.

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