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Case Study: Beer Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

Located on a 10,000-squarefoot deck overlooking the Fountains of Bellagio, Beer Park at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino provides an exciting rooftop experience. With more than 100 eclectic beer options, including 36 beers on tap, the developers of the flagship location wanted the outdoor atmosphere to be a shining example of how to best enjoy the city. In this environment, they needed a high-definition video display to be a focal point in the dynamic AV design, so they worked with design specialists at Ponto Solutions, who chose a FLEXUltra 1.9mm LED video solution from PixelFLEX.

“They really wanted this location to be a premier entertainment experience through an environment that’s exciting and upbeat,” said Matt Abbrederis, Ponto Solutions. “They also wanted to be able to draw people in off the Las Vegas strip, so we put together a complete audio/visual package that would help them accomplish all their goals, which ultimately included the highdefinition FLEXUltra LED video display.”

The initial design concepts envisioned wrapping the LED video around the center bar to resemble NHL center-ice or NBA center-court scoreboards. “Since this was the inaugural Beer Park location, we ended up first installing a 4-panel LCD wall,” Abbrederis said. “After things got up and going, they saw the need for the LED video, so we flew them down to Nashville to show them the PixelFLEX technology. Once they saw the FLEXUltra solution for themselves, we got approval to swap out all the LCD panels with the 1.9mm LED technology, and they love it.”

To ensure longevity of the system, they created a custom enclosure and mounting rack to match the specs of the FLEXUltra LED video display. “This is an outdoor environment and in Vegas that’s a bit unique,” said Abbrederis. “You have high winds blowing sand, 120-degree summer heat, spring and fall rainstorms, and then it even gets cold in the winter with snow every once in a while. We worked with PixelFLEX and a local fabricator to create an outdoor enclosure, with a custom mounting rack, that allowed us to easily install the FLEXUltra LED.”

Keeping both the experience of the guests and the management team in mind, Abbrederis created an easy-to-use AV package which is conveniently controlled through a handheld tablet.

“The LED video wall is driven by a Crestron system, which gives us a great level of flexibility,” Abbrederis said. “On the HD LED video wall, we can now use it as one large display, or we can break it up and show up to four different pieces of video content at once. We then have an audio system that can intelligently read the decibel levels throughout the space to give us a nice and even distribution of sound across the entire rooftop with no hot spots. The complete AV system is then controlled off a tablet that the employees can use to change the channels, break up the video and audio zones, and then also adjust volume in fully integrated operating system.”

Product at Work:


FLEXUltra has a 160-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle, offering high off axis viewing angles, and the front-serviceable panels allow for quick and easy onsite installation and maintenance. 

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