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Case Study: Fullerton Police Department Association, CA

The Fullerton Police Department Association in Fullerton, California, has a long history of serving its PD members and the community. For its members, it advocates for officers’ wages, benefits, and insurance, while providing camaraderie. In addition, the organization raises funds for many different charities and organizations. They recently converted a former warehouse to function as a bar and event space for member activities, fundraisers, and other association events. They turned to AV integration company HB Integration for a high-quality video system.

Among the options that HB Integration presented the organization with was a massive 2×2 video wall comprised of four 85-inch Sony XR-85X90K flatscreens mounted with Chief LVS1U video wall mounts. It is the perfect visual system for showing multiple video feeds at once, or for combining the screens into one large display. It delivers the impact they were looking for the room — all it needed was the right video distribution system. HB Integration’s Jason Gibson turned to Just Add Power’s AV-over-IP system.

“I was able to confidently tell the FPDA I had a perfect solution, because it’s something I’ve vetted myself,” said Gibson. “I have had Just Add Power in my own home since 3G and have been using the Max Color models since their release. Their products are easy to install, they have great support, there’s no lag, and they are continuously evolving to add even more simplicity to the system.”

The company’s platform includes affordable transmitters that connect to each source and a receiver for each display. In this way, organizations can build an unlimited IP-based video system that can be cost-effectively updated or expanded as needed.

For Fullerton, HB Integration design consisted of four Apple TV video sources. Through the Apple TVs, the organization would be able to access its Direct TV channels from the Direct TV app as well as music and other content with ease. In addition, anyone would be able to AirPlay content directly from their own device. With the focus on providing a high-quality viewing experience that would complement the Apple TV’s 4K content options and the 4K Sony displays, the integrator selected Just Add Power’s MaxColor 4K60 Series. The 4K UHD distribution platform would be able to natively support 4K source content over network. MaxColor natively supports 4K60 in and out, allowing end-users to play 4K Ultra HD video from the growing number of 4K sources and devices. With MaxColor, 4K 12-bit video can be distributed over Cat 5/Cat 6 cable, eliminating the expense of upgrading to fiber and buying more costly network switches. The series works with existing Just Add Power drivers and supported control systems. In addition, it supports MPEG downstreaming for connected devices, such as a laptop or a mobile device. The series features instant seamless switching, 4K up- and downscaling, all audio formats, seamless HDR management, and Dolby Vision. Additional features include image pop, push, and pull, as well as 90-degree image rotation for landscape and portrait modes.

All of Just Add Power’s AV-over-IP devices have a built-in video wall processor to build a 2×2 up to 16×16 video wall, while simultaneously supporting distribution to a virtually unlimited number of single screens. In Fullerton, to ensure that the Sony TVs were flush where the four screens meet at the center, the top two displays were installed upside down. With Just Add Power’s video wall tools, the integrator was able to flip the image on the screen, so it appears right side up.

The video wall is controlled by a URC control system. For Fullerton, the URC TDC9100 10-inch Tabletop Touch Screen Controller was installed and is supported by the URC MRX-12 control processor. The controller is programmed to give users convenient, at-a-glance operation of the video wall system’s options. They can select the source for each of the four screens or choose one source to play over all of them. When they’re split, they can choose what audio plays in the room — one of the video sources or music streamed from the devices or a phone.

The system infrastructure is supported by the GSM4212PX-100NAS 10-port stackable Gigabit Ethernet switch from NETGEAR, Ubiquiti UDM-SE router, and a Ubiquiti U6 Mesh access point that’s inconspicuously mounted up on the wall.

“If they want to expand, such as adding Just Add Power to provide content to the other TVs in the room or add another video wall, it’s simple — they just add another Just Add Power receiver for every display and a transmitter for any new source. And because NETGEAR’s switch is stackable, it can be easily expanded in the future. If they add in a Blu-ray player or something else where they’ll want UHD image quality, it’s ready,” said Gibson.

The video wall combined with the URC control experience won over all the association members — even the members who initially voted against it.

“When everything was up and running, those members were impressed most of all. They kept saying, ‘This is way better than I imagined it would be,’” said Gibson. “That was a great seal of approval.”

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