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CASE STUDY: Kalamazoo Wings

The ECHL, the league in which the Kalamazoo Wings professional ice hockey team participates, recently mandated that teams provide online audiences with an HD feed of game coverage that includes the game clock superimposed on the video. The 5,100-seat venue also needed a system that could deliver HD production for concerts and other events.

AVTEK, a systems integrator based in Battle Creek, MI, determined the best solution was the Broadcast Pix Granite, equipped with Rapid CG, Broadcast Pix’s optional software that works with the switcher’s integrated CG to streamline graphics by automatically integrating clock, score, and penalty data from the arena’s OES scoreboard. The integrated BPView multi-view populates two 42-inch screens in the control room, and the built-in clip store is used for easy access to the extensive scoreboard graphics. AVTEK completed installation of the Granite system over a weekend in early February.

During a game, four camera operators using JVC ProHD cameras capture the action, a technical director handles production with the Granite, and a producer coordinates audience interactions and other game elements. The Granite feeds to a live stream, coachs’ live game tagging system, and various monitors throughout the concourse, all with game clock, scoring, and penalty monitoring.

For the Wings Event Center, the Granite’s dual power supply and expanded I/O were important features for reliability and potentially larger productions, respectively. Michael Oswald, Greenleaf vice president of food, beverage, and entertainment, said the new Granite has provided a noticeable upgrade for attendees and online viewers, and has improved workflows for the crew. “It’s second-to-none in terms of ease of use,” said Oswald. “We love it.”

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