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Case Study: Pint Public House, Toronto

The multi-level, multi-room sports bar, the Pint Public House in downtown Toronto made the switch to IP-based AV system. Given it’s location in the heart of the live pro sports scene, pub managers wanted to up the game when it came to AV content and entertainment viewing in its many dining areas.

Designed and implemented by Toronto-based Dymax, this IP system encompasses 16 zones throughout multiple levels, ten AV sources and nearly 100 HD displays–in an historic building.

“The AV objective was to give managers and staff the ability to control AV content from ten different sources that is delivered to almost 100 displays in a cost-effective system,” said Dymax’s President, Richard Kuris. The MuxLab-based IP video system included ten HDMI/RS232 over IP Extender Kits with PoE (model 500753) transmitters, sending AV from eight cable boxes, one auxiliary input for a laptop computer regarding special events and an input in the DJ booth for accompanying video.

There are 93 HDMI/RS232 over IP receivers delivering AV via an Ethernet switch to the various displays throughout the pub. Specific zones include the stair lobby, entrance, six separate dining rooms, VIP room, two bars, washrooms, a walkway, outside patio and corridor. The final zone includes the control system where the rack, the MuxLab Extender Kits and sources are located as well as four Aruba PoE network switches and one MuxLab ProDigital Network Controller (model 500811).

The Network Controller allows users to manage virtual IP-based systems from any smart device. It centralizes control of all IP-connected MuxLab equipment and is accessible both on-and off-site using an intuitive web interface and third-party apps on smartphones and tablets. Just a tap or swipe selects and directs connected AV devices.

It also provides the building blocks to develop automation control applications. IP-based devices can be managed with a scripted command that automates actions for a totally hands-free operation. It also auto-discovers MuxLab’s AV over IP devices to simplify installation and centralizes software upgrades to enhance performance. Plus, it supports a common API for third-party control of MuxLab devices, which in this case is a Crestron CP3 Processor.

With the backend controlled by Crestron, the floor managers are free to walk around and select their AV content from a touchscreen PC or an iPad at any time. The entire IP-based installation took just six weeks from inception through to completion. There was only one challenge to be met, which was in the walkway that leads to the patio and included one wall mounted display. Because the distance exceeded the 330ft. cable limit, they placed a satellite switch on the third floor and connected it via fiber to the rack to drive that one display.

During events, visiting producers are able to come in and connect their own sources or cameras to the system, bypassing the cable boxes and integrating their own AV content with the in-house system.

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