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CASE STUDY: Reflect, Texas

Since its founding in 2001, Reflect has been creating digital experiences that help its clients maximize sales and strengthen brand loyalty. The company recently relocated its headquarters to a new facility in Richardson, TX, designed to showcase the scope of its innovative solutions. Wanting to make an impact from the moment clients walk in the front door, Reflect created two visually dynamic LED displays using FLEXLite NXG technology from PixelFLEX.

“In the new lobby, we wanted to simulate a store front window because retail is one of our largest vertical markets,” said Chas Thornhill, Reflect’s senior systems engineer. “To do this, we created a room that is about 5 feet deep by 20 feet wide with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that connects to our lobby. Inside the room, we built a 2 meter by 2 meter LED display made up of 16 FLEXLite NXG tiles. We rotated three tiles 45 degrees and positioned them in front of the others for a more interesting display. Having the tiles rotated and brought forward gives us three focal points for custom video content, plus we still have the option to utilize the LED screen as one continuous display.”

They had specific reasons for choosing the FLEXLite NXG, Thornhill explained. “The FLEXLite NXG 3.9mm technology was perfect for this installation because each cabinet is self-contained with builtin receiving card and power supply, plus we needed front-serviceability and a product that lends itself toward non-standard installations. The FLEXLite NXG line offers cabling flexibility and multiple options for mounting, so it doesn’t have to be assembled in the traditional way. And with a maximum brightness of 1500 NITs, the display can compete with ambient light in a storefront deployment.”

For added emphasis, they installed an additional PixelFLEX LED experience comprised of four FLEXLite NXG 2.6mm cabinets, recessed directly into the front of the reception desk. “In preparation, we had the desk equipped with rear access panels to facilitate mounting and cabling,” he said. “The desk is a purpose-built piece of furniture designed specifically to deploy the FLEXLite NXG half panels. Now when you enter our lobby, we have two primary areas of innovative digital media focus and it looks great.”

Thornhill is confident they’ve achieved their goal of merging the digital and physical worlds through the creative deployment of the FLEXLite NXG displays.

“By using the LED video installations in a non-traditional application, we are demonstrating to our clients that they can deploy state-of-the-art technology in a much more creative way instead of a simple flat field,” he said. “In a digital world, we’re competing for the consumer’s visual attention. Creativity and innovation are key.”



With front-serviceable panels, the FLEXLite NXG is available in 2.6mm-6.25mm pitch options and includes a 6.25mm IP65 version as well. FLEXLite NXG tiles are calibrated directly out of the box to help decrease any failures in the field and to ensure excellent color and brightness.

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