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CASE STUDY: Summit Public Schools

One of the nation’s foremost public charter schools, with 10 schools across California and Washington, Summit Public Schools needed a videoconferencing solution that lived up to its academics. Unfortunately, the poor-quality audio of its existing system prevented the school’s faculty and leadership team from successfully meeting. Deploying the Yamaha YVC-1000 conference phone throughout many locations, Summit Public Schools was able to resolve the audio issues and achieve its vision for a system that would offer a successful remote collaborative environment.

“Our old conference phone just wasn’t reliable. The quality was horrible, echo was coming off the system, and it was constantly shutting off when it was turned up too loud,” said Bryant Wong, CTO, Summit Public Schools. “All these issues were inhibiting the ability of my teachers and leadership to meet and collaborate effectively. The YVC-1000 delivers the high-quality audio I expect and provides a better experience that’s consistent and reliable.”

With the help of IT solutions provider Virtual Graffiti, the school initially brought in the Yamaha YVC-1000 for a test run. Both the simplicity and the quality of the conference phone amazed everyone at the first meeting. It took very little instruction to get the device up and running; they just plugged it in and it was ready to go. The phone picked up voices clearly and the audio was loud so everyone in the room could hear. It provided a better experience for everyone, in every location, including one with an acoustically challenging concrete wall, where they noticed a massive improvement.

Having had such a successful 30-day trial, Summit Public Schools bought additional units to replace the old conference phones. The Yamaha YVC-1000 has given the organization peace of mind and allowed the leadership team to resume its high-impact, collaborative meetings that are a large contributor to the school’s immense success. Today, the videoconferencing rooms are in use eight to 12 times a day across the school’s many buildings, with meetings lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to three or four hours. Additional units have been purchased and are being deployed in multiple locations across the nation.

A USB- and Bluetooth-enabled conference phone, the Yamaha YVC- 1000 features a separate microphone and speaker unit ideal for video conferencing solutions. The speaker can be placed close to the video display so that audio and video from the remote location blend naturally, while the microphone is placed near the in-room participants for the best pick up of their voices.

“The audio challenges Summit Public Schools faced are a prime example of what drives our company to engineer UC solutions that enable the collaboration experiences people expect,” said Nick Emoto, VP of business strategy, Revolabs. “The Yamaha YVC-1000, along with the other conference phones in our portfolio, is engineered to overcome the audio issues prevalent in today’s meeting environments, delivering better communication so organizations can continue to thrive and innovate.”

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