ClearOne Introduces Converge 560/590 Audio Conferencing Systems

ClearOne Communications introduced the Converge 560 and 590 conferencing systems. With these additions, ClearOne now offers the widest range of professional audioconferencing solutions in the industry.
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ClearOne Introduces Converge 560/590 Audio Conferencing Systems

Nov 10, 2005 8:00 AM

ClearOne's Converge 560 and 590 feature full-duplex sound, which enables participants to speak and listen at the same time without cutting in and out.

ClearOne Communications introduced the Converge 560 and 590 conferencing systems. With these additions, ClearOne now offers the widest range of professional audioconferencing solutions in the industry.

Easier to connect and configure than traditional installed solutions, Converge 560 and 590 deliver high-end results at mid-range prices with ClearOne's famous full-duplex audio, trademark distributed echo cancellation, natural-sounding dynamic noise cancellation, automatic level control, advanced automatic microphone gating management, and ClearOne's unique ClearEffect for rich, full sound.

Strategically positioned between ClearOne's flagship industry-standard XAP product line and the popular RAV platform, Converge is unique in its price range. It provides the best value available for flexible single room solutions with up to nine microphones. Converge delivers high-end audio at price points hundreds or even thousands of dollars below all other competitive solutions in the same space.

The Converge 560 and 590 feature a major innovation that delivers cost savings and increased flexibility for users—microphone distribution boxes, which allow customers to connect up to nine of their own preferred microphones, such as wireless, tabletop, button, and podium microphones, using industry-standard XLR connectors. The distribution boxes convert analog microphone signals to digital data for transport on a single Cat-5 cable back to the audio mixer, which significantly reduces onsite wiring and installation time. There is no need to run numerous microphone cables from the boardroom table back to the equipment racks—users can simply connect the mics to the distribution boxes at the table, and then run the Cat-5 cable connection from the table to the equipment rack. This innovation delivers simplified cable management and high immunity to electrical interference.

Users will realize additional cost savings because the Converge includes a dedicated controller available in both wired and wireless versions. Similar to the popular controller originally introduced with the RAV, the panel has a clean professional look, is simple to use with an intuitive interface for untrained users, and does not need to be programmed. The standard Converge controller can eliminate the need for expensive touchpanel systems in basic single-room audio conferencing applications, thus saving hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Converge easily interfaces to video codec systems and serial controllers as needed for more sophisticated room usage. The system's functionality and flexibility provide a natural fit for a variety of audio conferencing applications, such as education, training, distance learning, boardrooms, and medium-sized conference rooms.

"ClearOne is pleased to provide yet another innovative industry first that fulfills a void in the conferencing market. The Converge platform provides our dealers and clients with the installed product solution they have been asking for," says Joe Sorrentino, ClearOne's vice-president of worldwide sales and marketing. "The Converge 560/590 uniquely rounds out our product portfolio at the high end of the audio conferencing space."

Available in two models, the Converge 560 includes two microphone distribution boxes with three XLR connectors per box, the audio mixer, and a wired or wireless controller. Converge 590 comes with the same equipment, but it includes a third distribution box. The product will begin shipping before the end of the year.

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