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Corporate Projectors Technology Showcase

A selection of corporate projectors from Mike Keadle.

Corporate Projectors Technology Showcase

Sep 21, 2011 4:51 PM,
by Mike Keadle

Barco CLM-HD6

When projectors first hit the market, they were all large, heavy, and offered minimal light output. As technology has advanced, projectors have taken on new form and function. Today’s corporate projectors can encompass a wide variety of different features targeted for a larger training room or boardroom, some target a smaller and more interactive setting, and some are strictly for the road warrior who needs the capability to present in a mobile environment. Here is a look at the latest corporate projector offerings.

has added to its corporate projection
offerings with its CLM-HD6 projector.
The CLM-HD6 is a 1920×1080 resolution
single-chip DLP projector offering 6,000
lumens of light output. It is ideally suited for
fixed installations in a boardroom, training
room, or small auditorium. It offers advanced
color saturation and a 1300:1 contrast ratio.
It features a sealed DLP core, horizontal and
vertical lens shift, and advanced PIP. Inputs
include dual HDMI, 5-BNC, VGA, composite,
and S-Video. Lens options are available from
a .81:1 fixed short throw to a 3.85–7.32:1 variable
zoom lens allowing placement in nearly
any location.

BenQ SH960

The new BenQSH960
DLP projector offers
a great solution for large rooms or areas with
high ambient light. The SH960 features dual
lamps, a 5500-lumen light output, and a
3000:1 contrast ratio. It is 1080p native resolution
and features BenQ’s Hollywood Quality
Video (HQV) processing. The SH960 features
horizontal and vertical lens shift for flexible
placement and a 1.62–2.43:1 zoom lens.
Connections include VGA, HDMI, composite,
S-Video, audio in, audio out, LAN, USB,
RS-232, and a DC 12V trigger.

Canon REALiS WUX10 Mark II

Canon’s REALiS WUX10 Mark IIprojector
is the first 1920×1200 resolution projector
to feature LCoS technology. The WUX10
Mark II is rated for 3200 lumens of brightness
and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. It features Canon’s
third-generation AISYS light engine to
maximize the performance of
the LCoS panels. The end result
is a very bright, high-resolution projector
with high contrast in a compact size. The
projector also features an advanced color
management system, which allows
the user to fine tune the hue
and saturation of each of the
primary and secondary colors
in order to ensure proper
color display for any application.
The included 1.48–2.18:1
variable lens allows for flexible
placement and features Canon’s
new coatings to reduce ghosting and glare.
The WUX10 Mark II also provides Canon’s
Off and Go feature. Users can simply unplug
the projector and pack up while the internal
circuitry of the projector continues to operate
the fan, allowing the projector to cool.

Casio’s new lineup of lamp-free projectors
offers great value to corporate users looking
to maximize their total cost of ownership.
The XJ-M255 projector is one example. The
XJ-M255 is a 1280×800 WXGA projector
rated at 3,000 lumens. It features all necessary
connectivity for today’s corporate presentations—
video, RGB, and even HDMI. It also
features wireless LAN connectivity for monitoring.
The advantage of the XJ-M255 as compared
to other projectors in its class is its light
engine. The Casio laser and LED hybrid light
source features mercury-free illumination
technology, consumes less than
1W of power in standby mode,
and offers 20,000 hours without
changing lamps. Featuring the same technology
as the XJ-M255, the XJ-M155 offers a
brightness of 3,000 lumens in an XGA native
resolution for those who still need a traditional
4:3 format.

Christie DHD670-E

Christie Digital’s DHD670-E list of standard
features suggests its use in conference
rooms, training rooms, and even videoconferencing
rooms. It features a native 1920×180
resolution, and is driven by a sealed DLP light
engine, which outputs 5800 ANSI lumens
in dual-lamp mode and 3850 ANSI lumens
in economy mode. It ships standard with a
high-brightness, six-segment color wheel, but
it is available with a rich color wheel option
for scenarios in which
extremely accurate color
reproduction is necessary.
The DHD670-E is available
with lens options ranging from a fixed
.8:1 ratio to a variable 4.0 to 7.0:1 ratio
for placement into most any situation.
It features a full suite of inputs
(including HDMI with HDCP), and
also offers both a picture-in-picture
and picture-by-picture mode, which
is ideal for use displaying both far
and near end participants of a videoconferencing

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Corporate Projectors Technology Showcase

Sep 21, 2011 4:51 PM,
by Mike Keadle

Digital Projection E-Vision 600 series

Digital Projection HIGHlite Cine 330

Digital Projection projectors now feature
a three-year warranty. Along with the new
warranty, Digital Projection has introduced
some new projectors that are a great fit for
corporations looking for high-quality images.
First, the very successful E-Vision 600 series
projector is now ready to ship in white as
well as the traditional black finish. DP’s new
HIGHlite Cine 330 projector is a single-lamp
4,500-lumen 3-chip DLP projector at a native
1920×1080 resolution. The HIGHlite Cine
330 features dual HDMI inputs, as well as the
traditional RGB, component, composite, and
S-Video. It offers both horizontal and vertical
lens shift for flexible location, and it is available
with lens options from .77:1 to 6.76:1. It is
housed in a compact and lightweight chassis,
and is ideal for corporate boardrooms requiring
bright, high-quality imaging.

Epson PowerLite 1880

Epson’s has two new PowerLite Series
projectors. The PowerLite 1880 offers 4,000
lumens of light output in an XGA native resolution.
It features Epson’s Easy-Slide horizontal
keystone adjustment, USB plug and play,
and PC-free slideshows. The PowerLite 1880
includes standard analog connectivity, as well
as an HDMI connection. It also offers wired
LAN connectivity and the ability to send content
over IP. Epson’s PowerLite 1850W bares
similiar features as the 1880 but provides
3,700 lumens of light output in a WXGA
native resolution.

LG BW286

LG’s newest entry into the short-throw
projection market is ideal for many corporate
conference rooms. The BW286 DLP
projector features a 2,800-lumen brightness
and a 2500:1 contrast ratio. It provides composite,
dual RGB, and
an HDMI input.
It also features audio
input and output. The
BW286 contains a fixed
lens, which provides a
134in. diagonal image
from a throw distance
of only about 5ft. It is
ideal for use with interactive white boards or
other situations requiring an extremely short
throw distance.

Mitsubishi recently launched two new
EST (extreme short throw) projectors—the
WD380U-EST and the XD360U-EST. Both
projectors use a high-quality short-throw
lens instead of mirrors. This offers improved
image quality and helps to extend the life of
the projectors by keeping the interior cleaner.
Both projectors feature USB A and B inputs
and offer computer-free presentations. They
also feature standard analog inputs as well as
HDMI digital inputs. The input connectivity
includes audio, which is reproduced through
a 10W speaker system. The speaker system
will even allow audio to be passed when the
projector is in standby mode, eliminating the
need for external speakers and an amplifier.
The XD360U-EST is rated for 2,500 lumens
brightness in an XGA resolution and 3000:1
contrast ratio. The WD380U-EST is rated for
2,800 lumens and also features a 3000:1 contrast



NEC has released two new projectors that
lend themselves well to the corporate market.
The new NP-V300W projector is WXGA
1280×800 native resolution and provides a
3,000-lumen light output in a small and portable
chassis. The V300W features enhanced
connectivity including dual computer inputs,
HDMI, composite, and S-Video. It also features
an automatic power on, activated by connect-
ing a source to the
RGB input. The
V300W is wellsuited
for smaller
conference rooms
and portable use. The new NP-PX750U projector is designed
for large spaces where high brightness is
required. It is a WUXGA 1920×1200 resolution
native projector and boasts a 7,500-lumen
brightness output. It offers video, S-Video,
5-BNC, and dual VGA inputs as well as HDMI
and DisplayPort digital connections. It also features
enhanced network connectivity including
Windows Network Projector display and
access to a Windows Shared folder using the
Viewer function. An optional HD/SD SDI input
card is also available for use in the open pluggable
specification slot. The NP-PX750U offers
stacking capabilities with the ability to boost
brightness up to 30,000 lumens for extremely
bright environments or large-screen applications.
Lenses are available in .76:1 all the way
to 8.26:1 to allow the projector to be mounted at
virtually any distance.

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Corporate Projectors Technology Showcase

Sep 21, 2011 4:51 PM,
by Mike Keadle

Optoma TH1060P

Optoma TW762

Optoma has beefed up its popular TH1060P
DLP projector. The TH1060P now boasts a
4,500-lumen brightness rating—an increase
of 1,000 lumens. The TH1060P features a
native 1920×1080 resolution and a 2500:1
contrast ratio. It offers video, S-Video, component,
VGA, and dual HDMI inputs as well
as audio inputs. Its new boost in brightness
makes the TH1060P ideal for
large conference rooms and
boardrooms where high ambient
light is a concern. Optoma’s
new TW762 features a WXGA
native resolution rated at 4,000
lumens and a 3000:1 contrast
ratio. The TW762 offers a 1.28
to 1.536:1 adjustable lens, and is rated for an
image size between 36in. and 362in. Its 6.4lb.
weight makes the TW762 both a perfect portable
projector and one that is well-suited for
conference rooms or board rooms.

Panasonic PT-FW430U

The new PanasonicPT-FW430U projector
offers great features at a great price. The PT-WF430U
is a 1280×800 WXGA native-resolution
display, which lines up nicely with most
of today’s widescreen format laptops. It is rated
for 3500 ANSI lumens brightness, and features
a money-saving 6,000-hour lamp replacement
cycle. It features both horizontal and vertical
lens shift, allowing flexible placement in either
a fixed or portable-use environment. It also features
a full complement of analog and digital
inputs including both DVI-I and HDMI connections,
both of which are HDCP-compliant.
The PT-FW430U also offers wireless content
presentation with the available ET-WM200
wireless module and the ability to project wirelessly
from an iPad, iPhone, or other iOS device
using Panasonic’s free Wireless Projector app
available in Apple’s App Store.

Projectiondesign F35

Projectiondesign’s F35 WQXGA
single-chip DLP projector sets a new highresolution
performance standard in corporate
applications requiring extreme detail
such as CAD and engineering display. The
F35 WQXGA offers a native resolution of
2560×1600, a brightness rating of up to 7,500
lumens, and a contrast ratio up to 8000:1. The
F35 features four digital inputs: two DVI-D
and two HDMI for connection of extremely
high-resolution signals. It features motorized
zoom, focus, and lens shift, and a mechanical
shutter. Lens options range from a .80:1 to a
2.5–4.5:1 variable.

Sanyo PLC-WTC500AL

Sanyo PLC-WL2503

Sanyo’s latest projectors fit nicely into the
corporate environment. The PLC-WU3800
provides 1200×800 WXGA resolution and
3,800 lumens of brightness. It weighs in at less
than 8lbs. making it ideal for portable use, as
well as use in a conference room. It features
a short-throw lens with a 1.17 to 1.87:1 throw
ratio, allowing placement of the projector near
the screen. Inputs include video, S-Video,
VGA and HDMI. The PLC-WU3800 also
features both picture-in-picture and
picture-by-picture capabilities
for viewing two inputs.
The Sanyo PLC-WL2503
is a 2,500-lumen WXGA
1280×800 ultra-short-throw
projector with built-in interactive
pen functionality. It is
capable of projecting an 80in. diag-
onal image from a distance of 34in. This short
throw eliminates the shadows encountered in
typical projection systems when the presenter
is near the screen. The PLC-WL2503 features
connectivity for video, S-Video, VGA, and
HDMI. The interactivity feature allows the
presenter to draw a line or add a comment on
the projection screen. Drawn data may then
be saved as a JPEG image. The functionality
and flexibility of the PLC-WL2503 makes
it ideally suited for a small training room or
conference room. For larger rooms, there’s the
new PLC-WTC500AL. It features a 1290×800
WXGA native resolution, and boasts 5,000-
lumen brightness and a 3000:1 contrast ratio.
It has power lens shift, and offers a selection of
lenses to fit nearly any throw distance requirement.
Video, S-Video, VGA, and 5-BNC analog
inputs and an HDMI digital input ensure
that nearly any source may be used with the

Sharp XG-PH80W-N

Sharp recently introduced four projectors
ideal for corporate use. The new XG-PH80XN
and XG-PH80W-N projectors are high-performance,
high-lumen DLP projectors ideally
suited for large meeting spaces. They both
offer DLP Link 3D-compatability, and feature
a dual lamp design. They also offer motorized
zoom and focus, as well as motorized
lens shift. Five lens options are available. The
XG-PH80X-N is an XGA native resolution
projector and is rated for 6,300 lumens brightness.
The XG-PH80W-N is a WXGA native
resolution projector rated for 5,600 lumens
brightness. The new XG-SV200X and XGSV100W
projectors are DLP models featuring
5,000 lumens in an XGA resolution, and 4,500
lumens in a WXGA resolution respectively.
The XG-SV series is 3D-ready, and features
powered zoom and focus, as well as lens shift.
Both models are also compatible with Sharp’s
new AN-SV100T motorized swivel mount.

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Corporate Projectors Technology Showcase

Sep 21, 2011 4:51 PM,
by Mike Keadle

Viewsonic Pro8400

Sony’s new VPL-EW130 projector
is ideal for corporate travelers. It features
1280×800 WXGA resolution, and
a brightness rating of 3,000 lumens. The
VPL-EW130 has several convenience
features that are well-suited for corporate presentations.
Direct power on/off allows power
up as soon as power is applied as opposed to
going through a standby mode. Off and Go
allows the power to be shut off immediately
to the projector instead of waiting for a power
down cycle. The 1.4 to 1.8:1 ratio lens allows
flexible placement,
and three brightness
modes allow the user to set the projector
to its environment.

Viewsonic Pro8450w

Viewsonic’s Pro8400 and
Pro8450W projectors feature a full input
selection: composite, S-Video, component,
dual RGB, and dual HDMI,
as well as audio in and out. They
feature two 10W speakers, which
provide adequate audio coverage in
most small- and medium-sized rooms.
The Pro8400 features a 1920×1080
native resolution and a 3000:1 typical
contrast ratio. It comes with a 1.4 to
2.14:1 ratio lens. The Pro8450W features
a 1280×800 WXGA native resolution
and a 4300:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It
comes with a 1.46 to 2.2:1 ratio lens.

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