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Case Study: AdventHealth, FL

With human lives in the balance, project partners for GE Health set out to create an innovative approach to the Mission Control at AdventHealth in Florida. This new command and control center allows workers at the hospital to predict needs ahead of time and take a proactive approach based on a common operating picture. Patient care needs to be timely and carefully considered. This means operators can adjust staffing and other resources as necessary to make more informed care decisions for patients.

Dr. Sanjay Pattani, Executive Medical Director of Mission Control, said “the goal of Mission Control is to give each patient more efficient care.” Advent Health Mission Control is the nation’s largest healthcare command center, at over 12,500 square feet with 78 workstations that were designed, built, and installed by Constant Technologies, an integrator with global experience that specializes in command and control.

The space was built for an initial team of 50 team members with the capacity for future growth. Mission Control is built to evolve as the system and the needs of the hospital change and progress.

As with operations centers in financial, cybersecurity, and space agencies, medical institutions require the same capability to have informed and rapid response to critical incidents. Round- the-clock care is the standard in healthcare facilities.

AdventHealth needed a robust operations center solution that could withstand the demands of 24/7/365 mission critical environments. GE Healthcare had a vision for an environment within the hospital system where all the data, from all departments, would be accessible in one room. It was about bringing all the departments together into one room to create the common operating picture.” Craig Stumbaugh, director of North American sales for Jupiter explains that GE Healthcare had the tools to create a treasure trove of data for hospital teams to pore over — everything from the number of incoming patients per minute and available beds, to equipment inventory and breathing-apparatus availability, to doctor and nurse staffing levels. Creating a space to view, synthesize, and act on behalf of nine campuses of the hospital system is no small operation.

In collaboration with long-time integration partner Constant Technologies, Jupiter supplied their Catalyst XL video processors to power the 60-tiled videowall in AdventHealth’s control center. Catalyst XL offered the rapid-response data sets needed to govern AdventHealth’s 3,200 hospital beds. Dispatch at AdventHealth averages 107 trips per day, including 2 helicopter flights per day. Overall, the Mission Control Center allows AdventHealth to view information of the over 425,000 patient movements made per year.

AdventHealth’s data is now displayed in real-time on the video walls allowing insight into helicopter dispatch, emergency rooms, inpatient care environments, and more. Proper sightlines and image quality were key considerations for the teams at Constant Technologies and Jupiter to facilitate seamless responses. Additionally, AdventHeath uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to understand patterns and dynamics to ensure shorter wait times and improved care. Sixty LCD monitors comprise AdventHealth’s video wall, which takes in 500k messages per day.

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