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Case Study: Rafanelli and Nahas, ID

Rafanelli and Nahas, the owners of the new commercial office building at 11th & Idaho in downtown Boise, ID, had a vision in mind when designing the 5000-square foot lobby. They knew they wanted something that would differentiate their lobby and make their space stand out in the downtown area. The answer was a video wall to be used as a revolving art installation celebrating majestic nature scenes from around Idaho by local video artists.

Located directly adjacent to Boise’s newest city park, 11th & Idaho features incredible views from its rooftop deck all the way down to its dramatic 18-foot high windows in the lobby. One of the key features of the building’s lobby is the expansive 8 feet x 15 feet Direct View LED (dvLED) wall from Sharp NEC Display Solutions (NEC LED-FE015i2 1.5mm).

Prior to construction, Rafanelli and Nahas searched to find an architect that would provide a thoughtful, elegant design for its downtown Boise commercial office building to bring an urban feel like one would find in San Francisco or London. The award-winning team at Perkins + Will delivered a design to attract and support the next generation of professionals in downtown Boise.

The leaders at Rafanelli and Nahas looked to Neurilink, a leading Northwest-based audio-visual integrator, to bring their technology vision to reality.

The dvLED wall provides several desirable characteristics that make this technology an ideal fit for the space. They are reliable, energy-efficient, very bright and deliver pristine color accuracy with better refresh rates than other technology on the market; dvLEDs are particularly well suited for providing eye-catching content for digital signage applications in almost any environment, either indoor or outdoor. This made dvLED technology ideal for a lobby that is flooded with natural light from the 18-foot tall windows. Not only that, dvLED technology from NEC allows for unique screen configurations that have no visible gridlines or seams.

Rafanelli and Nahas wanted this display to be awe-inspiring for visitors to the building and those walking on the busy sidewalk downtown. The video wall serves as bridge between the clean lines and elegant design of the building and the rugged, picturesque beauty that defines Idaho.

“This wall is more than a video display, it is a work of art,” said Scott Schoenherr, Partner at Rafanelli and Nahas Management Corporation.

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