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Case Study: Triovest, Canada

Triovest is a fully integrated commercial real estate advisory and capital firm. With eight corporate offices across Canada and a team of almost 600 people, Triovest manages 430 properties across the country equating to 41 million square feet.

Recently, the company completed its own Triovest River Landing East Tower office building in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The 13-story, 180,000-square foot East Tower has an AV system design that allow clients to seamlessly connect and present using their own devices within multiple custom-designed meeting rooms. One of the most unique aspects of the project was the need for flexibility within the spaces. This meant accommodating people and their preferred laptops and devices.

“We designed the space so tenants could bring their own devices and use the software they had on those computers for video conferences, while integrating with all the equipment located in the rooms,” shared Scott Muhlbeier, CEO for Calgary-based systems integrator Teatrx, Inc.

Teatrx collaborated with all the stakeholders, from development and operations to IT and interior designers and contractors. The rooms incorporate intuitive technology so people can walk in with a laptop and connect. Each room was automated with a custom-designed user interface specifically designed for the Triovest rooms, making presentation, videoconferencing, and teleconferencing activities easy to navigate

The room technology is both readily available yet designed with unobtrusive undertable boxes and accessible through a variety of retractables, including USB, HDMI, and Ethernet connectors. Teatrx incorporated Mini DisplayPort and USB-C; if users need to convert from an HDMI signal to one of these ports, they can use one of the in room adaptors — eliminating the need for people to carry contingency adaptors with them. The USB cable is also retractable, keeping the tabletop real estate clear for collaboration. The connector variety allows users to connect quickly and share content, but also charge mobile devices or laptops without hunting for outlets, dongles, or jockeying for priority. There are no complicated steps to resetting the room equipment or logging out.

The Teatrx team incorporated a Bose solution consisting of the EdgeMax loudspeakers, ControlSpace digital signal processors, PowerShare power amplifier as well as the ControlSpace EX-UH USB to Dante under-table box within the meeting spaces. For the large executive meeting room, just five loudspeakers were needed to cover the entire room. Muhlbeier also recognized the importance of the Bose focus on supporting popular soft codex options for video conferencing and cloud adoption. Integrating with third-party microphones was key for far-end participants, as was the Bose DSP and PowerShare amplifiers.

“We really liked the footprint of the PowerShare amps. We also liked the cost and that we could easily integrate it into the whole solution,” states Muhlbeier, who used a centralized compact rack design.

“Bose had the sales rep and the pre-sales engineer both on site to help us and make sure we commissioned the system properly. I think that that’s the way that the world should be. I think customer service has been forgotten in some industries and the client was impressed Bose came out to the project site.”

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