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Case Study: Zones, WA

Zones is a global IT solution provider that delivers products and services to help companies complete their digital transformation. Headquartered in Auburn, Washington, Zones operates in more than 100 countries.

In recent years, Zones faced a common technology challenge: its conference rooms relied on an ad hoc array of tools and technologies that did not work smoothly together.

Zones had previously worked with Intel to install Intel Unite within Intel’s own corporate meeting spaces. It had also supported the product, operating as the de facto help desk. Zones decided to incorporate the same approach and solution in its own corporate conference rooms.

As providers of Intel Unite solution technology, Zones used the installation as an opportunity to design and implement its vision of the conference room of the future, to explore use cases and solutions it could then share with its own clients across industries, including healthcare and education.

The Intel Unite solution equipped Zones to build and manage a secure content-sharing and collaboration platform, allowing employees to wirelessly connect displays, fellow employees, and mixed-technology environments with a single code. As the solution is not locked down with any specific operating system, Zones could employ it with its existing devices.

As part of the transition, Intel conducted extensive training and organized Intel Unite solution technology events and team sales enablement.

The Intel Unite solution proved the right fit for Zones and the industries it serves. Zones organized a conference-room-in-a-box solution around small, medium, and large deployments to better fit clients’ sizes and needs. The benefits have been especially notable in the healthcare and education environments.

Zones’ education clients have been pleased to find that the platform integrates well with Chrome systems, which are familiar solutions in academic settings. Educators like being able to lock down screens and annotate on the fly while allowing all students to join instantly via a single code.

Healthcare users have welcomed the ability to move from room to room and quickly sync patient data on their tablet with the information displayed on the screen in a given room—making for better patient engagement and improved collaboration with colleagues. In many cases, previous solutions forced many clinicians to communicate with patients with their backs to them. With the Intel Unite solution, doctor-patient conversations can be conducted face to face.

The experience acquired working closely with Intel on the deployment of the Intel Unite solution in Intel’s conference rooms and in its own buildings, has equipped the Zones team with product knowledge and expertise that translates to their own clients.

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