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Virtual Receptionist

Yamaha Business Communications and Sharp Business Systems, the direct B2B sales channel of Sharp Electronics Corporation, are providing the hospitality, enterprise, education, health care, and government industries with a safe, healthy way to interact with a virtual front desk. The Remote Concierge Station solution brings together Sharp’s 40-inch or 50-inch flatscreen and Yamaha’s CS-700 Video Sound Bar in a mobile stand to allow organizations to provide high-quality custom service and reception response without having an employee on site.

“COVID-19 has highlighted the need for solutions that help publicfacing staff have meaningful interaction with customers, patrons, and guests while maintaining social distance,” said Meghan Kennelly, director of global marketing and communications at Yamaha Unified Communications. “The Remote Concierge Station is suited to meet this new need. Our CS-700 collaboration system has been used for years by businesses all over the world to help users drive professional-quality remote meetings. Now staff will have peace of mind while ensuring that they will be able to see and hear customers just as clearly as if they were talking to them face to face — but they can be safely working from home, in the next room, or even across the country.”

Paired with Sharp’s large format professional displays, the Video Sound Bar is a comprehensive, powerful solution that makes natural-sounding audio and high-quality video collaboration possible. It features an adaptive beamforming microphone array; four Yamaha speaker elements to provide the highest degree of audio intelligibility; and a wide-angle HD camera that captures guests and the room in clear detail. This allows reception staff to monitor room activity and greet users as they approach.

Designed for flexibility and ease of use, the station connects to a UC platform via a single USB. The CS-700’s integrated network management system also allows IT staff to rapidly deploy and remotely manage each unit, which is ideal for organizations that have multiple CS-700 units installed in reception areas and meeting spaces.

The Remote Concierge Station comes mounted on a rolling cart that is UL-certified to prevent tipping, allowing organizations to safely move it for use as a mobile conference station. With the built-in flexibility, it can also double as an immediate and long-term digital signage solution. For example, it can be used to remind guests of any mask ordinances and best practices. Additionally, as staff return to the office, it can continue to be used to welcome incoming guests with check-in or company information. It also includes a Shuttle NC03 computer mounted on the back of the display, wireless keyboard, power strip, and remote control.

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