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Led by the explosion of digital signage applications, the professional large-screen video-monitor industry has expanded the capabilities and reliability of these devices through diagnostics, auto-sensing, increasing temperature-operating ranges, and keeping a broad selection of input ports.
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Display Monitors Technology Showcase

Dec 28, 2011 10:18 AM, By Bennett Liles

Akira ALM55Z3

Led by the explosion of digital signage applications, the professional large-screen video-monitor industry has expanded the capabilities and reliability of these devices through diagnostics, auto-sensing, increasing temperature-operating ranges, and keeping a broad selection of input ports. Many included here also feature video and control signal-loop-through ports for videowall applications. Our current roundup in this field highlights these new capabilities, and it should serve to demonstrate the technical trends in the large-screen professional monitor market.

Akira designed the 55in. ALM55Z3 with a slim bezel width of 5.3mm and four DVI input ports—each of which loops through to its corresponding DVI output—for public displays operating continuously and for easy configuration into multi-monitor setups and videowalls. RS-232 also loops through for daisy-chained serial control in videowalls up to 99x99 units. The newest model in the ALM series, the LED-backlit ALM55Z3 also has a removable electronic compartment for easy servicing and separate installation of the electronics and the LCD panel. The monitor provides 1920x1200 screen resolution with a brightness figure of 700cd/m².

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Boland 3G55

The 55in. 3G55 LCD video monitor from Boland Communications shows wide HD and SD SDI digital along with HD HDMI/DVI at 1080p, 720p, 576p, and 480p with a 3G HD SDI (SMPTE 259M/ 292/296) input. Analog inputs include composite, Y/C, PC VGA, and PC/Mac. All 12-bit digital processing produces 1.06 billion true colors. The 3G55 can produce picture-in-picture by inserting a variable position video source over a PC or HD image and the window size is adjustable. It can also produce separate displays side by side with brightness up to 500 nits (cd/m²). Remote control includes IR and bi-directional RS-232 with TCP/IP as an option. Color-match fluorescent lamps are the light source with five variable color-temperature-adjustment menus and a more than 50,000-hour lamp life.

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HP LD4720tm

For touchscreen applications where monitors may be daisy-chained on a single media player, the 47in. LD4720tm from HP delivers 700-nits brightness and a 1200:1 contrast ratio. For centralized control of multiple displays, HP’s Network Sign Manager application is included and the embedded HP Media Sign Player is embedded into the monitor. The unit can accept VGA, HDMI/DVI, and DisplayPort; it also includes a LAN port for networked control. Features include VGA and RS-232 loop-through ports along with audio input and dual speaker outputs. Typical power consumption is 270W, and the power supply is auto-sensing from 100VAC to 240VAC.

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`Hyundai H466AC

Hyundai crafted the 46in. H466AC LCD panel to provide bright digital signage display in a wide range of viewing environments with its all-weather-capable IP66 rating and special tempered security glass. The monitor shows 1366x768 (WXGA) resolution and 16.7 million colors with a contrast ratio of 3000:1. The CCFL backlight is rated at 50,000-plus hours, and the input connections include VGA and HDMI. For remote operation, there is also a serial RS-232 port. With a typical power consumption of 450W, the unit also has automatic heating, cooling, and brightness control along with an optional anti-graffiti feature.

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Ikegami HLM-3250W

Ikegami’s 32in. HLM-3250W top-of-the-line LCD HD video monitor is a lightweight, low-power-consumption, full 1920x1080-pixel flatpanel display that supports multiformat SDI input as well as DVI-D and VBS inputs as a standard feature. A 3G-SDI input is available as an option. The monitor employs an LCD panel with a 178-degree horizontal/vertical viewing angle, 500cd/m² brightness, 1300:1 typical contrast ratio, and 10-bit color reproduction. The HLM-3250W achieves real pixel allocation without resizing. It includes built-in test patterns for a wide range of broadcast applications, and it can be used in monitor walls and digital signage. It also provides an HD (and SD) video display as well as a vector scope and waveform display, adjustable horizontal or vertical color-coded-embedded audiometers, and as an option, embedded audio output.

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JVC GD463D-10

With 1920x1080 native resolution, super-slim 10W speakers, and touch-sensor operation with a key lock function, the GD463D-10 46in. LCD monitor from JVC includes 3D viewing. The model uses a 3D decoder compatible with both side-by-side and line-by-line 3D video input signal formats. The unit has a range of input connections including three HDMI inputs, a 15-pin PC input, and component and S-Video in. 3D viewing is made possible through the use of special polarizing glasses, and installation is made easier by the slim 1.5in. thickness at the monitor’s most thin point. Another mounting method is provided with the included swivel stand.

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Display Monitors Technology Showcase

Dec 28, 2011 10:18 AM, By Bennett Liles

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LG 65VS10

The 65in. 65VS10 LCD HD monitor from LG Electronics is manufactured for 24/7 operation in digital signage applications with 1920x1080-screen resolution along with landscape, portrait, and tile-mode-matrixing features. The unit provides a 5000:1 typical contrast ratio and 700cd/m² brightness for high-ambient-light environments. Other features include split zoom, temperature and lamp fault sensor, LAN remote, and RS-232 loop-through for daisy-chained serial control. Input ports are HDMI/DVI with HDCP, component, and composite on BNC along with RGB in/out for computer video. Audio inputs are RCA, and the unit includes a USB port. Hidden speakers are available as an option. This model weighs 114lbs. and has a VESA 600x400mm mount interface.

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Mitsubishi MDT551S

Designed for minimum downtime in continuous operation, the MDT551S 55in. LCD monitor from Mitsubishi presents a super-slim 0.63in. bezel and provides 1920x1080 native resolution. Input ports include mini D-Sub 15-pin in/out, HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort, five BNC component, S-Video, and composite (BNC) in/out. On the audio side, it has two L/R RCA inputs, a TRS mini jack input, and an internal speaker with external speaker outputs. For daisy-chained control, there is also a 9-pin RS-232 in/out. Options include a Cat-5 transmitter or receiver box and an optional SDI receiver module. The unit also sports a LAN and five USB ports. Side-mounted speakers are another available option.

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The latest addition to the X series of monitors from NEC, the 46in. X462HB is made for 24/7 operation in interior and exterior environments with its 1200cd/m² brightness and 3500:1 typical contrast ratio. The unit’s TileMatrix technology enables its use in videowalls of up to 100 displays while the AmbiBright light sensor automates brightness control for existing ambient light conditions. Digital video inputs include DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-D with analog capability in the form of VGA 15-pin, five BNC RGBHV, RCA and BNC composite, RCA component, and S-Video. In addition to IR remote control, terminals for wired control include RS-232 and LAN. In audio capability, the unit has inputs on RCA, stereo mini, HDMI, and DisplayPort. A built-in expansion slot enables future addition of NEC and third-party components including an HD-SDI card, single-board computer, and DVI daisy-chain capability.

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Panasonic TH-85PF12U

The new 12 series HD plasma display, TH-85PF12U will be the first from Panasonic to incorporate NeoPDP technology, a new energy-saving high-luminance feature. Approximately the size of four 42in. displays, the TH-85PF12U is 3.9in. thick and weighs about 260lbs. The unit has a 1920x1080 screen resolution, 40000:1 typical contrast ratio, and it is equipped with three interchangeable slots for insertion of various input signal modules. These normally include dual HDMI ports, component video on BNC connectors, and a 15-pin mini D-Sub. Boards for DVI video input and LAN control are also available. Audio input is on RCA connectors, and the unit is RS-232 controllable. The video panel has a rated life of 100,000 hours and optional accessories include a vertical wall-hanging bracket, pedestal, ceiling-hanging bracket, and a floor stand.

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Planar ep55L

A 55in. professional LCD display using edge-lit LED backlight technology, the ep55L from Planar Systems provides 1920x1080 resolution and a maximum screen brightness of 450cd/m². Designed for 24/7 operation, the unit is ultra thin with a 1in. bezel and 178-degree horizontal/vertical viewing angle. Digital input ports include a VGA, two HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort, and SDI. On the analog side, the unit offers composite, component, and S-Video. There is a PC audio input and R/L audio output along with LAN and RS-232 control ports. IR and a lockable keypad may also handle control. The ep55L can be operated in landscape or portrait orientation, and it features an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness control.

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Samsung 700DX-2

The 70in. 700DX-2 LCD monitor from Samsung features brightness levels up to 700cd/m², 1920x1080 resolution, and a typical contrast ratio of 2000:1. The unit can display picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture, and offers daisy-chained RS-232 control through looped serial connections for use in videowalls up to 5x5. Video input ports include HDMI, component, and CBVS (AV), and the monitor has two 10W internal speakers. Among the unit’s special features are lamp-error detection, anti-retention, brightness and temperature sensors, built-in fan control, plug and play, pivot display, and button lock. The 700DX-2 weighs in at 228lbs. and has an 800x400mm VESA mounting pattern. Its operational power consumption of 680W drops to 2W in standby mode.

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Sanyo CE42LM4N-NA

Built for use in punishing environments, the 42in. CE42LM4N-NA LCD monitor from Sanyo features an anodized aluminum frame with a no-holes-ventilation design and a tough non-glare acrylic panel. It can be networked with an optional network module (POA-LN01) for web-linked operation, and it can be controlled through serial commands on a 9-pin D-Sub. Inputs include audio/video scart, component, RGBHV, composite (BNC), and computer RGB. Audio inputs include RCA, and there is an RCA audio monitor output as well. The unit is IP56-weatherproof-rated and has a wide temperature operating range. Composite video and serial control consist of inputs and outputs for video and control daisy chaining. Local control buttons are on the bottom edge of the cabinet, and there is a bright standby light to indicate the power connection.

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Display Monitors Technology Showcase

Dec 28, 2011 10:18 AM, By Bennett Liles

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Sony GXD-L65H1

The PN-E601 60in. LCD monitor from Sharp can operate in both portrait and landscape modes, and its fanless operation is suitable for quiet environments. Fully compatible with Sharp Digital Signage Software (SDSS), the unit accepts HDMI video signals. Additional composite video, PC/AV DVI-D in/out, PC/RGB, composite video, and LAN are included with the optional PN-ZB01 interface expansion board. The model also features automated email error notification along with picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture display modes, and a built-in 10W stereo audio system. Screen resolution is 1920x1080 and the brightness figure is 500cd/m².

Sony’s GXD-L65H1 65in. LCD display is designed for areas with difficult operating environments where there is exposure to liquids and/or dust such as train stations, stadiums, and shopping malls. It can be cleaned with harsh chemicals and wipers that would typically harm a traditional LCD display. The full HD (1920x1080) display is housed in a dust- and tamper-resistant aluminum chassis with a field-replaceable glass front panel that’s treated to reduce reflections. Its brightness and 2500:1 typical contrast ratio make it suitable for semi-outdoor applications at a range of distances. An auto brightness control feature with sensor is included. The display is also compatible with Sony’s line of digital signage players. Built-in LAN connectivity allows centralized control of several networked displays, and the display is compatible with the Simple Network Management Protocol for remote monitoring. Inputs include S-Video, composite and HD 15 loop-through, HDMI, and DVI. Optional accessories include an analog component input and HDSDI (SMPTE 292M) input available on option cards, a monitor control RS-232 adaptor, and speakers that can be rear-mounted.

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ViewSonic CDP6530

For digital signage and display walls, ViewSonic offers the 65in. CDP6530 LCD monitor with 500-nits brightness and RS-232 loop-through capability for daisy-chained serial control. The monitor also features an internal scheduler, a pair of built-in 12W speakers, and picture-in-picture display capability. The 42.3mm bezel allows the monitor to look good in videowall applications up to 5x5 units, and the 5000:1 typical contrast ratio suits high-ambient-light environments. The unit can input HDMI, DVI, component, VGA, S-Video, and CVBS. The component, DVI, and VGA signals can be looped through for multi-monitor installations. Audio output is by way of an internal 12W amplifier with onboard speakers, and the backlight intensity is automatically adjusted in response to an ambient light sensor. The monitor weighs 176lbs. and has standard VESA mounting hole patterns.

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Vizio M550NV

The 55in. M550NV Edge Lit Razor LED LCD from Vizio features Internet applications for on-demand programming, built-in Wi-Fi (802.11n), and a customized Bluetooth universal remote with a slide-out QWERTY keypad. It delivers audio in SRS TruSurround HD and SRS TruVolume and includes both SPDIF Digital Optical and standard stereo audio outputs along with a pair of 15W internal speakers. The unit provides picture-in-picture, picture-outside-picture, and ATSC with 8VSB and QAM demodulation. Video signal inputs include three HDMI with HDCP, RF for internal tuner, component YPbPr plus stereo audio, composite video, S-Video, and computer RGB. There is an Ethernet port and three USB ports. It mounts on a VESA standard 400x200mm hole pattern and weighs 66lbs. without the included stand.

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