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Case Study: Hangzhou Esports Center, China

Hangzhou Esports Center, the first professional Esports venue in China, recently opened its doors to esports professionals. The starship shaped venue is the perfect fit for the futuristic and science-fiction feel of Esports, but due to the large event space with a long reverberation time, it was a challenge to find an audio system that could achieve the extremely high requirements for Esports competitions. Zhejiang Dafeng Industry Co., Ltd., along with AV distributor and provider, EZPro, designed and delivered a comprehensive PA system utilizing a range of products from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW).

Wire logoThe venue’s new PA system consists of 36 EAWKF810P line array systems, 12EAWSB818P|F single 18-inch subwoofers, six EAWSB180zP compact high-output subwoofers, and fill speakers from EAW’s catalog. The system was also designed with EASE4.4 and EAW Resolution sound field simulation software. The36 EAW KF810Ps are divided into six groups of six to achieve even sound coverage throughout the Esports center, while the SB818P|F single 18-inch subwoofers are hung above each group of the full-range line arrays to extend the lower cut-off. All the loudspeakers are centrally hung above the four-side LED funnel-shaped screens inside the venue.

Additionally, on the ground are six EAW SB180zP subwoofers to provide surging low-frequency energy to enhance the intense atmosphere of Esports competitions and so the players can accurately hear the returned audio signal and response in time. Fill speakers are hung below the LED funnel-shaped screens to cover the infield, and 6 portable monitor speakers are provisioned for the stage.

The EAW system has been accepted with high regard after its first use for the opening game, the “Naraka: Bladepoint” Martial Arts Challenge. The new PA system not only met the first-class standards for the stadium but was able to fully express the tense and exciting atmosphere in the venue. It has been highly praised by the organizers and players. The Hangzhou Esports Center will also host the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou Esports Competitions, set to take place in September of 2023.

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