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Case Study: Sportsbook at French Lick Casino, Indiana

Analog Way debuted the Aquilon C at InfoComm and now the multi-screen presentation system has had one of its first US installations.

Force Technology Solutions, LLC (Force Tech) in Greenfield, Indiana recently completed the first Aquilon installation in the Midwest at the new Sportsbook at French Lick Casino, Indiana. Aquilon drives two large LED video walls in the venue where customers can place bets on sporting events or just lounge and enjoy the ultimate in big-screen sports viewing. The new 3,000-square-foot space accommodates 100 guests who can wager on football, basketball, baseball and more.

Analog Way’s LivePremier range of modular and scalable 4K/8K multiscreen presentation systems and video walls processors is comprised of high-performance pre-configured products (Aquilon RS1, RS2, RS3 and RS4) as well as the customizable models (Aquilon C and C+) that can be tailored for any project or event. The range is Analog Way’s solution to the increasing demand for 4K/8K 60Hz/12Hz ecosystems.

“For the Sportsbook, we installed two Absen 1.5mm LED video walls measuring 14 x 8 feet, each with a resolution of 2688×1512 or slightly above full HD,” explains Force Tech Sales Engineer Brady Davis. “The LED walls display the main games of the day – everything from rugby to darts. But they can also display anything they want from the video over IP network: stats, custom graphics, even digital signage.”

Davis explains that, “there are up to eight sources per wall, and the client wanted the ability to do windowing in multiple configurations.

Davis had no hesitation about being an early adopter. “We felt comfortable with the software going in,” he reports. “We had used Analog Way products extensively in the past. We had seen Aquilon at InfoComm and had conversations with Tim about the Sportsbook, so we were confident that Aquilon was ready to do everything we needed it to do today.”

Ease of use also comes into play with the Sportsbook bartenders controlling the LED walls. “It’s a relatively simple control system consisting of a custom 21.5-inch Crestron touch screen UI that shows all the sources live so it’s easy to change sources and use our presets to choose screen layouts,” says Davis.

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