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Case Study: TCL Theatre, California

Last fall, TCL Chinese Theatre announced plans for the all-new Theatre Box theatre complex, featuring restaurants, bars, and entertainment, to be located in the Gaslight District in San Diego, California.

This luxury cinema creates a new experience for guests with eight dine-in-theatres, as well as an expansive lobby that houses Sugar Factory, a world-renowned American Brasserie and Chocolate Factory, offering food, unique desserts and sweet-inspired drinks.

Working from a blank slate, the goal was to create an exciting and inviting environment within Theatre Box, which would include the use of digital signage. The video wall display was designed to provide entertainment and information, such as movie times, trailers, and advertisements. The display would need to be visible from anywhere in the lobby of the venue, as well as through the windows to the street. The selected location was directly above the escalators—for maximum visibility.

TCL Chinese Theatre asked design-build company Fluid Sound to create a video wall comprised of the largest displays possible to be hung on a 45° angle directly over the escalators. Fluid Sound selected NEC’s 75-in. Professional Series Displays; to stream content, Fluid Sound chose a tvONE CORIOmaster mini – Modular 4K Multi-Window 1RU Video Processor.

The next step was finding a mounting solution that would support such large displays. Having worked with Peerless-AV in the past, Fluid Sound sought the company’s support for a mounting option that would uniquely support the weight of the large displays, provide the flexibility and adjustability needed for this install, and meet the fast-approaching deadline, Fluid Sound chose Peerless-AV’s Special Purpose Video Wall Mount (DS-VWM770).

To complete the video wall installation, Fluid Sound relied on lift baskets to reach the area above the escalator. Placing a ladder on the elevator was not only too unsafe, but it also would not reach the wall. In using the selected method, installers had no additional support where another installer could hold up the mounts as the brackets were being affixed to the wall. Featuring a keyhole design and special wall plates, Peerless-AV’s DS-VWM770 was able to hold the weight of the display while being assembled, without the need for additional support.

In addition to the video wall, Fluid Sound also sought a mounting solution for individual displays that would be placed outside of each theatre. Showcasing the current movie title in the specified theatre, the enclosure around the displays needed to support the luxury appeal of the space. Fluid Sound wanted an enclosure that would not only offer a sleek, high polished look, but would also allow for a secure installation in a high-traffic area of the theatre. With a standard option already available from Peerless-AV, that fit NEC’s 43-in. displays, Fluid Sound selected the Peerless-AV’s Wall Kiosk Enclosure (KIP643).

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