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WATCH: SoFi Stadium Oculus scoreboard in process

The enormous two-sided, wraparound 4K HDR scoreboard will hold 80,000 LED panels, as well as the entire sound system for the stadium.

When the Los Angeles Rams, Chargers palatial new home opens in Inglewood, the SoFi Stadium Oculus scoreboard will be the centerpiece of this long-awaited, multi-million dollar flagship.

The Rams are scheduled to host the Dallas Cowboys on Sept 13th opening day–and they hope to welcome fans with the most unique scoreboard in the world. SoFi Stadium is expected to cost about $5 billion, making it the most expensive stadium in the country.

The infrastructure for the 70,000 square-foot, two-sided, wraparound 4K HDR scoreboard goes up in preparation to hold 80,000 LED panels, as well as the entire sound system for the stadium–some 260 speakers. The 80 million pixel display will also be equipped with 56 5G antennas.


sofi stadium oculus scoreboard
When it’s finished it will be hoisted the 2 million-lb. scoreboard into place; a massive content system will serve the scoreboard, as well as the ribbon video screens that frame each tier. The Oculus will have the largest 4K LED content-playback system ever deployed. Every face/display can be uniquely programmed with live content, statistics, or animated content.

About a week before lockdown started in California, The Rams posted a video showing how the SoFiu Stadium Oculus scoreboard is being constructed:

Las Vegars Review-Journal writer Mick Akers had this additional detail:

Cameron DaSilva, managing editor of the Rams Wire, tweeted this test of the SoFi stadium Oculus scoreboard

SoFi Stadium will also feature an ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) roof supported by a double cable-net system, the largest such system in the world. A network of LED lights will project images on the 1 million sq. ft. canopy, creating “a vast movie screen … for both fans in their seats and airline passengers on arrival to [nearby] LAX,” according to an LA Times report. Picture frames are steel frames that sit on top of the upper cable-net system. The entire picture-frame system is built on the ground, then hoisted and installed in place via cranes on the exterior of the building. There are a total of 302 picture frames (more than 120 have been installed to date).

Chief technology officer Skarpi Hedinsson stated that SoFi Stadium would be first stadium to have an end-to-end 4K video workflow. He emphasized the challenges that the Oculus will present in producing in-game content, stating that a team had been using virtual reality to help “understand how best to present content and how do we make sure that all the seating sections are in play as we put our images and our replay frames on the board.”

The NFL announced that it would re-locate its NFL Media unit (which manages the NFL’s in-house media units, including NFL Network, digital properties, and NFL Films among other units) from Culver City to a new 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2) facility neighboring the stadium on the Hollywood Park site, which will include a studio capable of hosting audiences, as well as an outdoor studio. The new facility is expected to be completed in 2021.

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