Google Hangout to Discuss Digital Menu Board Signage Practices

This 45-minute discussion is moderated by industry professionals.
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This 45-minute discussion is moderated by industry professionals.

The Digital Signage Federation (DSF) invites DSF members and non-members to attend its Wednesday, Oct. 14 Google “Hangout” panel discussion at 2 p.m. EDT, on the topic of “Tried & True Practices in Digital Menu Board Signage.”

With FDA nutritional and calorie count display requirements going into effect next year, digital menu boards are becoming a must have, not only for QSRs, but also for other establishments that fall under the new federal guidelines.

Hangouts are 45-minute panel discussions using Google’s Hangout platform with a moderator and a panel of three or four industry professionals. October’s panel will include:

• George Yunis, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Consumer Engagement Strategy, Allure Global
• Shaun O’Brien, Solutions Group Manager, Premier Mounts
• Frank Krug, Director, Retail Technology, TPN Retail

In addition to discussing the variety of ways in which to better leverage the effectiveness of digital menu boards as a marketing tool, the panel will explore:

• How to effectively daypart menu boards
• The advantages of remote updates to make quick changes.
• Centralized control of marketing and promotional campaigns
• Point of Sale (POS) integration
• The effects of the FDA regulations

Both DSF members and non-members may join these or any of the DSF’s scheduled Hangout conversations for free, but registration is required and can be accessed on the DSF Event page of the DSF website or at for this event.




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