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Case Study: EU Military

A high-functioning, efficient command and control room is foundational to the operational success of any Army. The EU military force relies on critical information that is continuously displayed and rapidly changing, in order to perform a range of functions. They need ongoing access to multiple information streams, available for visualization in real-time, visible to all the operators in the control rooms and other stakeholders in a nearby situation room—in other words a unified visualization platform.

When they were unable to visualize the information they needed for their mission-critical operations in the most optimal way, they realized that their existing equipment was outdated and nearing the end of its life cycle. To meet their operational objectives, they began to seek a solution that would streamline the visualization experience to enable them to monitor, assess, and respond quickly, especially in critical situations.

The Army selected an AV integrator with decades of experience in technology integration designed to meet military standards and compliance. The integrator outlined a unified visualization solution for the Army’s central Network Operation Center (NOC), Security Control Center (SCC) command room and situation room. The integrator paired VuWall’s VuScape video wall controllers, VuStream encoders and decoders, the ControlVu touch panels and Color Detection Server, all controlled by VuWall’s TRx centralized management platform, to create a fully integrated video wall management and AV distribution system.

VuWall’s VuScape powers Samsung’s The Wall microLED display in the NOC, their central control room. Paired with VuWall’s TRx, the Army can seamlessly move content around and add more sources while rearranging them on the huge 15x2m display with quick and easy drag-and-drop operations. Additionally, VuWall’s VuScape also powers a second The Wall in the Cyber Security Control Room to provide increased functionality for the display. It enables operators to mirror content from the NOC to the SCC, ensuring that both teams can accurately visualize the same content in real-time when necessary.

VuWall’s TRx operates harmoniously with IHSE’s Draco tera flex matrix switch to enable operators to use a single TRx interface to control both sources from the IHSE matrix and additional sources from other applications, thanks to VuWall’s IHSE integration. TRx’s Control Panel Designer has allowed operators to quickly create customized control panels to change layouts and presets with the touch of a button. These control panels are available for operators in their browsers and also on VuWall’s ControlVu touch panels, placed throughout the command and control centers. These PoE touch panels provide unified and seamless control over the entire ecosystem. VuStream encoder and decoder appliances, compatible with VuScape controllers, are centrally configured and managed by TRx. The installation included 15 VuStream E220 encoders and 30 VuStream D211 decoders for transcoding H.264 signals in VNC for Color Detection. A Color Detection Server was paired with the devices to observe signals from the VuStream D211 decoders to send alarm triggers when there are specific changes in color on the screens that require attention. VuWall’s Color Detection Server was one of the main differentiators for the Army as it enabled them to automate workflows and trigger alarms, improving operator efficiency and overall system reliability.

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