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InfoComm to Pursue Amplified Audio System Performance Standards

InfoComm's Board of Directors has authorized the development of a suite of standards for submission to ANSI. The Amplified Audio System Performance Standards suite will define performance requirements for an amplified audio system in an enclosed area.

InfoComm to Pursue Amplified Audio System Performance Standards

Feb 3, 2011 12:13 PM

InfoComm’s Board of Directors has authorized a suite of amplified audio performance requirements to be submitted to ANSI. Conformance to all standards would allow a sound system to provide measurable and reproducable high-quality audio.

InfoComm’s Board of Directors has authorized the development of a suite of standards for submission to ANSI. The Amplified Audio System Performance Standards suite will define performance requirements for an amplified audio system in an enclosed area.

The goal of the planning committee is to develop four new standards with separate task groups. These standards, combined with the 2009 Audio Coverage Uniformity in Enclosed Listener Areas standard and an ambient noise measurement standard, will constitute a comprehensive characterization of a sound system.

All three audio/acoustical domains—time, energy, and frequency—are covered, with acknowledgement of phenomena that affect the experience of the listener or ambient noise. Conformance to all six standards would, for the first time, make it possible and in a measureable, reproducible way, ensure that a sound system will provide high quality, intelligibility, and fidelity.

The committee also acknowledges that during development other issues such as room effects may be considered. Here is a breakdown of the suite:

Audio Coverage Uniformity in Enclosed Listener Areas: One of the fundamental goals of system performance is the delivery of uniform coverage in the listening area. A well-executed audio system design allows all listeners to hear at approximately the same sound-pressure level throughout the desired frequency spectrum range. This completed standard provides a procedure to measure this spatial coverage, with criteria for use in the design of audio systems.

Equalization Optimization: This standard will describe the performance requirements for audio system equalization for a variety of enclosed-area venues, and provide a method for achieving optimal performance in the room environment. Note that this standard will apply to both music reproduction systems, which require a full frequency spectrum, and speech reinforcement and/or emergency notification systems, which have a more limited frequency range.

Undesirable Sound: This standard will set an acceptable threshold for unwanted sound elements of amplified audio systems; describe the method for testing of the amplified audio system; and provide the method of documentation to demonstrate that the unwanted sounds are not evident while the system is operating. The standard would describe the measurement of the audio signal as compared to the noise level of the system.

Reproduced Speech and Reproduced Music Quality: This standard proposes to address the minimum acceptable levels of audio quality for amplified audio systems from the perspective of time-domain acoustical parameters. The standard should incorporate currently accepted methods for acoustical measurement of the system to determine minimal acceptable levels of sound clarity/quality for speech and performance reproduction quality for music.

Sound Pressure Level Optimization in Audiovisual Systems: This standard would characterize the ambient noise in the venue, recommend a signal-to-noise ratio for different venue types, and provide measurement techniques using common test equipment. The standard may also refer to maximum sound pressure levels acceptable for audience safety.

InfoComm has formally submitted these projects to ANSI. These documents are available at For more information about InfoComm’s standards program, please visit

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InfoComm to Pursue Amplified Audio System Performance Standards

Feb 3, 2011 12:13 PM

InfoComm Launches GovComm 2011 Exposition and Conference

InfoComm International is launching GovComm 2011, an audiovisual and information communications conference to be held November 1-2, 2011, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. This event is designed to serve area technology managers, end-users and procurement officers in the government and military sectors. The event will feature exhibits, networking opportunities, education, manufacturers’ training and InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist testing.

“InfoComm is excited to deliver a highly focused event addressing the unique communication needs of the government and military,” says Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International. “The government market represents a huge growth opportunity for the AV industry as net-centric AV solutions continue to evolve to meet today’s demanding applications. Through InfoComm’s world-class education and show management resources, GovComm 2011 will showcase the AV/IT solutions essential to effective government and military communications.”

GovComm 2011 will feature more than 100 leading manufacturers of digital signage, videoconferencing and telepresence, projection, display, 3D, control systems, audio, and AV networking technologies. These solutions are critical to supporting training, command and control, communications, presentations and other net-centric AV activities performed by the government and military.

The exhibit floor will be open 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on both days. Each morning will feature a keynote speaker or panel discussion. Hour-long education classes held concurrently with the exhibits will be taught by experts from the world-renowned InfoComm Academy. Training will address collaborative communications in a secure environment and future technology trends, including secure AV, command and control display applications, videoconferencing and telepresence, AV system energy management, and sustainability issues. Additionally, product- and service-specific training sessions from manufacturers will be held on the show floor concurrent with the exhibits.

Government officials, procurement officers, IT managers, AV specialists, network managers, government contractors and others will be in attendance to evaluate new products and services from industry-leading manufacturers, obtain AV specific knowledge and skills through educational courses, learn directly from manufacturers through product- and service-specific training, and network with peers.

Additional details on exhibiting and attending GovComm 2011 will be available at Registration for GovComm 2011 will open on July 1, 2011. Manufacturers interested in exhibiting at GovComm 2011 should contact InfoComm Expositions Sales at 1.703.273.7200 or [email protected].

AVI-SPL Selects InfoComm to Provide Live Events Training

InfoComm International has been selected to provide live events training for nearly 200 employees in AVI-SPL‘s Rental and Staging Division in the United States and Mexico. InfoComm was approached by the company following positive experiences using InfoComm’s curricula and instructors for training AV design and installation professionals.

The new agreement covers classes including Quick Start to the AV Industry Online, Principles of Tech Support Online, Essentials of AV Technology, CTS Prep Virtual Classroom, AV Math Online, Staging and Events Management and Design Online. Classes will be available in English and Spanish.

“At AVI-SPL, we’re committed to providing our clients with the highest level of technical performance,” says Jennifer Schwartzberg, Training Development Manager. “In order to ensure that our team can deliver, we’re continuously building our employee training program. Our great relationship with InfoComm led to this new installment of courses for live events and we’re thrilled to begin rolling them out this year.”

“InfoComm is pleased to be working with AVI-SPL to create a more educated live events industry,” says Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International. “The company’s strong commitment to training is one of the reasons AVI-SPL is a leading player in the audiovisual industry.”

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