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KEF Q Series

KEF has introduced the eighth generation of its Q Series loudspeakers

KEF Q Series

Oct 18, 2010 9:13 PM

KEF Q Series

KEF has introduced the eighth generation of its Q Series loudspeakers. The all-new Q Series box speaker range offers a quantum leap in sonic performance due to the clean sheet design which incorporates technology originally developed for the Concept Blade loud¬speaker. Established in the early 1990s, the Q Series has become one of KEF’s most important product series worldwide. At the heart of the all new KEF Q Series is the latest Uni-Q driver array, derived from the KEF Concept Blade project. This new driver array embraces a new, larger, high-performance vented tweeter mounted at the acoustic center of a new metal cone LF/MF driver and gives the new range the sonic capability of much more expensive speakers. The flagship floor-standing speaker, the Q900, is the first Q Series speaker in 19 years that features a brand-new 8in. Uni-Q driver accompanied by an 8in. aluminum LF driver and two 8in. ABRs. The new lineup also features the return of a dipole speaker, the weighty Q800ds, as well as a 10in. front-firing 200W built-in Class D subwoofer with matching finishes, the Q400. Price: Starting at $399 each

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