Listen to Your Vinyl on Your iPod

If you’re like me, you cherish your vinyl record collection for its nostalgia and for its high-quality non-digital sound
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Listen to Your Vinyl on Your iPod

Mar 19, 2008 12:48 PM, By Jason Bovberg

If you’re like me, you cherish your vinyl record collection for its nostalgia and for its high-quality non-digital sound. You’ve probably been looking for a simple way to transfer those recordings into digital media files. Audio-Technica has come up with a USB turntable and software package, the Audio-Technica AT-LP2D-USB, that’s compatible with PCs and Macs.

The turntable package includes a turntable and phono cartridge, configuration software, and a USB cable that you use to connect the turntable directly to a computer. The turntable, designed to deliver high-quality sound, features fully automatic operation, and a 33.3RPM and 45RPM speed selector to play vinyl formats from LP albums to 12-inch and 7-inch singles. The supplied USB cable enables plug-and-play connection to a desktop or laptop computer. The unit’s switchable phono preamp, RCA output cables, and adapter cables allow connections to a wide variety of music and home entertainment systems, and to A/V receivers that don’t include a dedicated phono input.

The supplied Cakewalk PYRO (for PC) and Audacity (for Mac or PC) software converts the record audio to MP3, WAV, or Windows Media Audio (WMA) files for playback on portable audio players, computers, home media centers, and car audio systems. The PYRO software also features DeClicker and DeNoiser utilities that automatically remove pops, clicks, noise, and hiss from LP recordings, and design software for creating personalized CD jewel case artwork and CD labels. For more information, visit the Audio-Technica Web site.




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