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NEC Now Shipping New Installation Projector Line

NEC Solutions is now shipping its new line of digital installation projectors, the NEC NP1000 and NP2000.

NEC Now Shipping New Installation Projector Line

Apr 20, 2006 8:00 AM

NEC NP1000/2000

NEC Solutions, an industry leader in projectors and plasma displays, is now shipping its new line of digital installation projectors, the NEC NP1000 and NP2000. This new line of projectors takes the best features from the award-winning NEC MT series and improves upon them by adding integrated networking, built-in RJ-45, five optional bayonet lenses, and lamp saver technologies.

“The NP projectors are equipped to take on the most demanding integration projects,” says Keith Yanke, senior manager of product marketing, Visual Systems Division, NEC Solutions America. “The NPs provide a suite of networking technologies and asset management features, making them perfect for any installation environment.”

Flexibility for Performance
The new NEC NP1000 and NP2000 projectors give the user the flexibility to determine the best setup for their needs. They offer both vertical and horizontal lens shift to greatly increase projector placement options. Also, optional accessories include five bayonet-style lenses for quick and easy lens change. The projectors are bright enough to give the user the flexibility of having the lights on or off, in a room of almost any size. The NP1000 is 3500 ANSI lumens, and the NP2000 is 4000 ANSI lumens. Both LCD projectors have a native resolution of XGA (1024×768).

Integrated Networking and Asset Management
The NP1000/2000 include integrated high-speed wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g via an optional wireless card. The projectors are specially equipped with presentation, broadcast, data conferencing, and training modes for use in virtually any wireless application. Also included is integrated RJ-45 connection for quick connection to the wired network LAN (10/100Base-T capability).

Users can monitor and make adjustments to the projector via the network from a remote location, making these the perfect installation projectors for large corporations, small/medium business, government, rental/staging, and educational environments. Email notifications sent when the lamp approaches the end of its life are another user-friendly feature included in the NP1000/2000.

Extending the Life of the Projector
NEC has also incorporated features into the new installation projectors that increase lamp and projector life, protecting the user’s investment. The NP1000 and NP2000 have extended lamp life with Eco-mode technology that increases lamp life by up to 50 percent. Also, added lamp-saver technologies enable the cooling fan to continue running even after the power source is disconnected, and built-in sensors protect the lamp and projector from overheating. For added security, the NPs include settings like logo lock, password protection, and cabinet control lock, enabling the user to deactivate buttons on the cabinet to prevent unwanted changes to projector settings.

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