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New 4K Content From Skyward Kick Productions Now Available on Wazee Digital Commerce

DENVER — Feb. 28, 2017 —

Wazee Digital, a leading provider of cloud-native video management and licensing services, today announced that new HD and 4K content is available for licensing through its Wazee Digital Commerce portal from Ottawa, Ontario-based Skyward Kick Productions. Skyward Kick specializes in extreme sports video but also produces projects ranging from corporate training videos and advertising to award-winning cinema.

“We started uploading to Wazee Digital Commerce in 2013. It gave us the opportunity to monetize footage that hit the cutting room floor. Since then we’ve upgraded our entire operation to a 6K RED workflow and have amassed a very large stockpile of 4K footage with a vast range of subject matter,” said Chris Chitaroni, creative director, Skyward Kick. “As a director of photography, it breaks my heart when my favorite shots don’t fit into the client’s vision or the project’s direction, so to have an outlet where these shots can find new life and drive revenue for us at the same time is a dream come true.”

Wazee Digital Commerce is a portal designed to help rights holders maximize the value of their premium content by connecting with customers who need video. Buyers such as filmmakers, broadcasters, and advertising agencies go to Commerce to search for and purchase clips to use in their projects. Commerce is powered by Wazee Digital Core, Wazee Digital’s media asset management system built specifically for the cloud, which is the foundation of all Wazee Digital products and services.

Skyward Kick has added a wide range of video to Commerce. Aside from plenty of high-action footage from extreme sports such as skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and BMX, there is also new cinematic footage geared toward corporate and documentary projects. Examples include mixed martial arts athletes, casual networking events, and stunning aerial shots of Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon — truly compelling imagery that has never been more topical or relevant.

“As 4K content becomes more prominent, our archive continues to reflect that trend so we meet ever greater demand. Continually adding new 4K video to Commerce is a high priority for Wazee Digital,” said Alison Schreiber, Licensing account manager, Wazee Digital. “Skyward Kick’s new content contributes to the freshness of our growing library and means more variety for buyers who rely on Commerce to enhance their projects.”

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Imagery of Niagara Falls is one example of footage available on Wazee Digital Commerce.

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