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New Multi-Display Timeline Allowing Time Based Shows with Interactivity

Showlogix has succeeded to create a new Timeline object which can be placed as any other object on the workspace for creating interactive time based shows.

Showlogix, a developer of show and media control software, has released its version 1.6, designed for producing multi-display shows and interactive attractions in museums, visitor centers, trade shows, live shows etc.

The new Timeline Object includes numerous layers of videos, images or sound, synchronized to one centralized timecode. This is done across displays and computers.

Several timeline objects can be added and can run simultaneously.

While this object requires loading all media files in advance before running a timeline, you can still load and play videos, images, texts and external inputs on top of a timeline. Moreover, it includes the option of fading smoothly between 2 media files on a single layer across displays, all while the timeline is running.

“There is a rise in demand for interactivity in typical time based show applications, therefore we added this tool to create a time based show without compromising any of our interactive and real time capabilities”. Said Nir Goldhagen, Showlogix’ CTO.

“As we add more features and add depth to existing features, it is critical for us to ensure that users find their way around the software. Therefore we’ve created an environment which uses the same simple logical interface across the system.” Adds Nir, “Keeping the simple user interface, makes operators’ and integrators’ life much simpler. This way, they can use their time, skills and imagination to create great looking and functional installations”.  

Other interactive features to this version:

  • It is possible to make layers react to mouse, touch or camera input.
  • Using the built-in tracking module, you can use Cameras to detect motion for visualizing mouse & multi-touch events.
  • It is now possible to monitor and calibrate any remote camera on the Manager software. You can add many cameras on the network and collect tracking and touch data, in order to make massive multi-display tracking scenarios.

Showlogix v1.6 is available for download and trial via the Showlogix web site.

About Showlogix 
Showlogix Ltd. is focused on developing show-control and multi-display software for the entertainment market. The company’s software system is designed to playback graphics, video and live feeds across multiple displays. It can also control lighting, and other devices in precise accuracy. For more information visit the Showlogix web site at:

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