nLighten Technologies on Displays in the Corporate Environment

SVC recently set down with nLighten Technologies Vice President Ken Lee to discuss the trends in the corporate AV display market, how the market is changing, and what the road ahead looks like.
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nLighten Technologies on Displays in the Corporate Environment

Oct 23, 2008 2:19 PM, By Jessaca Gutierrez

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Quixel Research’s MicroDisplay Rear Projection Market Review for Q2 2008 shows the 60in. and above segment increasing in value and volume during the second quarter.

SVC recently set down with nLighten Technologies Vice President Ken Lee to discuss the trends in the corporate AV display market, how the market is changing, and what the road ahead looks like.

SVC: How was nLighten Technologies started? What was its primary objective? How has its mission changed with today’s AV marketplace?
nLighten is a R&D-based large format HD DLP display manufacturer under the leadership and ownership of Phihong group who is one of the world leaders in power supplies for 36 years. nLighten is focusing on image and optical technologies manufacturing not only DLP display but also lens and light engines for DLP rear-projection display. nLighten offers innovative products of large-format HD display, HDTV, and open frame for video wall. And nLighten offers our extended products line of touchscreen for e-board, seamless screen for videowall, and more resolution for security monitoring.

nLighten’s primary target markets are 1) corporate conference room and educational market with value over cost concept comparing to still-expensive LCD displays over 50 inches and 2) videowall integrators by providing low-budget videowall screen and DLP engines as well as seamless image when nLighten’s multiple numbers of displays are put together. Many potential projects which would like to use video wall are hardly being moved forward because of the current LCD/PDP’s high cost, quality concern from heat issue of LCD/PDP, seam lines downgrading the value of video wall from those divided images.

Corporate and education are a growing AV markets, especially where displays are concerned. How does nLighten fit in and how is the company meeting the needs of this marketplace?
Corporate world and educational markets are very cost-sensitive marketplaces due to generally lower budgeted projects planned than residential installation market. nLighten is capable to provide satisfaction to these marketplaces’ requirements by having them have large screen (60in. or 72in. with one-fifth or one-third cost of LCD or PDPs those screen sizes) and affordable cost of touchscreen feature and electronic board function than the existing leading company’s products.

What is important when considering this marketplace versus the residential AV or even the educational marketplace?
nLighten’s products are giving practical value to our customers by offering 1080P 60in. and 72in. large-format displays, and this corporate industry and educational market are less concerned about the depth of our displays, about 13in. depth and wall mountable due to its light weight, than residential customers who spend more dollars on audio video controlling system, high-profile audio including speakers and installation cost, more generous budget on display than corporate and educational market customers.

What are nLighten’s goals/plans for meeting the needs of this market?
Even though flat-panel displays technologies are reaching to their goals of bigger screen, thinner depth, and higher resolutions, there are always the gap between these flat panels being used to the real world and cost factor. nLighten is believed we can fill the gap by having the true and fundamental technology of optically expanding the screen size with lower cost. And micro-display technology, which nLighten is using, can make virtual image happen by using optical technology. nLighten is going to the direction where large-format screen is required with lower budget. And we are capable of making almost limitless screen size by putting multiple 80in. screens with minimum seam line of .4mm.




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