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PTZ Cameras Technology Showcase

A survey of the current crop of PTZ camera systems and their features.

PTZ Cameras Technology Showcase

Mar 17, 2011 12:00 PM,
By Bennett Liles

A survey of the current crop of PTZ camera systems and their features.

Axis Communications Q6034-E

The market for PTZ cameras has exploded over the past few years, and from this has emerged a huge array of styles, sizes, and capabilities. With analog and IP models in high demand, the ability to match the model to the application has been perfect for production in churches, videoconferencing and monitoring in schools, and for security applications everywhere. Here is a survey of the current crop of devices and their features.

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For indoor surveillance applications under a wide range of lighting conditions, Acti Corp. offers the ACM-8211 1.3-megapixel IP PTZ camera featuring 1/3in. Micron progressive scan CMOS, day and night function with a mechanical IR cut filter, selectable MPEG-4 SP/M-JPEG compression, and multistream capability with variable frame rate in the same compression. The camera supports twoway audio and provides hardware three-window motion detection and digital input/output. Power may be supplied by an external 12VDC source or applied via PoE IEEE 802.3af. In low light conditions less than 4 lux, color mode is automatically switched to black and white. The ACM-8211 provides a number of preset, automatic, and manual white balance settings; pan speed range of 20 degrees per second to 120 degrees per second; and a tilt speed range of 15 degrees per second to 70 degrees per second.

The Q6034-E day/night camera from Axis Communications combines an 18X optical and 12X digital zoom with autofocus and a 16:9 aspect ratio along with SMPTE 269M-compliant 1280×720 resolution. The model’s support for high power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3at) allows it to use a single cable for power, video, and PTZ control. The Axis Arctic Temperature Control allows the camera to be used at temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has a built-in SD/SDHC card slot for local storage. The camera includes the Active Gatekeeper function to automatically move the shot to a preset position when motion is detected in a predefined area and the subject on video is tracked. The video output is H.264 motion JPEG from a 1/3in. progressive scan 1.3-megapixel CCD.

Canon USA BU-51H

Canon USA designed the BU-51H 3CCD camera system for a wide range of indoor applications including surveillance, stage IMAG, videoconferencing, studio, and house of worship. Using a 20X zoom lens with 2X digital extender, the unit has adjustable night mode shutter speed, a builtin microphone, pan/tilt/zoom/focus position information output, and multiple video output formats. The outputs include uncompressed SD/HD SDI and an SD composite signal that can be simultaneously output and used for monitoring. Genlock is also available for video synchronization through a BNC connection. Focus may be either auto or manual, and gain is adjustable from 0dB to 36dB in six steps. The camera also features optical-shift image stabilization; auto, manual, and night shooting modes; and both auto and manual iris operation. Dustproof and waterproof efficiency is rated at 45IP.

For indoor monitoring and surveillance, Compro Technology markets the IP750P with the capability for continuous movement in 340-degree pan and 100-degree tilt. The camera has a 12X auto focus optical zoom, a built-in IR function and IR LEDs, 1280×1024 HD resolution, a built-in microphone, and two-way audio. It can output video in H.264, M-JPEG, and MPEG-4 with dual streams support along with micro SD/SDHC local storage for video and snapshots. Additional features include motion detection and 30 shot presets with one preset sequence. The IR LEDs turn on automatically under low light and turn off when light level returns to normal. With the optional WL 150 USB module, the unit can operate via 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN.



PTZ Cameras Technology Showcase

Mar 17, 2011 12:00 PM,
By Bennett Liles

A survey of the current crop of PTZ camera systems and their features.

Elmo PTC-400C

The ElmoPTC-400C 1/4in. CCD camera produces 360 vertical lines of resolution with internal synchronization and features a 12X optical and 16X digital zoom, maximum 100-degree-per-second pan/ tilt speed (eight auto/manual speeds), day/night function, image flip, two alarm inputs, 16 shot presets, and remote control via IR and RS-485. With the remote controller, up to nine cameras may be simultaneously operated, and through an RS-485 daisy-chain connection, up to 223 cameras may be used. The unit runs on 12VDC and uses 12W power. Picture adjustments include hue, AGC gain, detail compensation, and high-speed shutter with auto/ manual focus and white balance. The camera also has a power save mode, and each preset shot can be labeled with up to 10 characters.


Designed to be flexible in maintenance as well as in operation, the VN-685U PTZ network dome camera from JVC can be swapped out with another one without removing the base. This preserves all presets and other programming and applies it to the replacement camera. Equipped with a 27X optical and 34X digital zoom, the unit can output MPEG-4 and M-JPEG VGA full-frame dual-stream video and has several AGC modes to operate in a wide range of lighting conditions. It has 100 presets, motion detection with intelligent auto tracking, and privacy mask. The camera can silently pan at speeds from 0.04 degrees per second to 400 degrees per second and position with an accuracy of 0.03 degrees. With optional mounting gear, the camera can be ceiling-pole mounted, wall-mounted, or flush-mounted into the ceiling. It uses 24VDC power over Ethernet and two alarm inputs and outputs.

Panasonic i-Pro SmartHD WV-SC385

Using Panasonic’s UniPhier LSI chip, the i-Pro SmartHD WV-SC385 provides 720p video at up to 30fps and outputs multiple H.264 and JPEG video streams. The camera entered the market last November, and it has a new 1.3-megapixel MOS image sensor for high sensitivity using less power. For flexible network integration, it is Open Network Video Interface (ONVIF) compliant. Offering up to 64 preset positions, the unit also has an auto flip function that enables panning from 0 degrees to 360 degrees, and this is combined with auto tracking using four detection areas, 15 sensitivity steps, and 10 steps of detection size. When used with Panasonic’s WV-CU950 universal system controller, the camera moves with 256 speeds.

Pelco Spectra HD

With wide dynamic range capability, the IP-based Spectra HD from Pelco can compensate for shots in which there is a high contrast between background and foreground illumination, and the unit features automatic cut filter removal for day/night operation. Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) enhances camera sensitivity to improve low-light performance. Additional features include image stabilization and motion detection. An integrated scheduler allows preprogramming of alarms, preset shots, and relay contact closures. Pan speeds range from a very slow 0.1 degrees per second up to 400 degrees per second, and the optional Remote Monitor Kit connects to the RJ-45 port to allow video viewing, control, setup, and system upgrades from the controller. Transmission on single-mode or multimode fiber can be done with the attachment of PelcoFiber modules. The system can simultaneously output streams in dual MPEG-4 at 30fps and scalable M-JPEG.




PTZ Cameras Technology Showcase

Mar 17, 2011 12:00 PM,
By Bennett Liles

A survey of the current crop of PTZ camera systems and their features.


Polaris USA upgraded its POL-27X-IPW with IR LEDs having a range of 160ft. and named the new model the POL-27XIR-IPW. The system is made for situations where wireless network connectivity is required using its internal wireless H.264 server. The camera features a digital day/ night IR cut filter and includes a standard video output connector so that it can be set up, framed, and focused locally using any video monitor. Generating a browser viewable picture, the Central Management Software can organize control of storage, data transmission, and other functions along with streaming video directly to a computer hard drive using an array of DVR features. The lens provides a 27X optical zoom, and there is a 16X digital zoom capability. The unit also features an alarm I/O and two-way audio capability.

Sanyo VCC-DP9574N

A 1/4in. CCD camera with horizontal resolution of 520 TV lines on composite output, the VCC-DP9574N camera from Sanyo can make video down to 1.9 lux at F1.9. The unit has built-in motion detection and privacy masking functions along with an X2.6 motorized zoom pan-focus lens, JPEG image compression, five picture quality settings, 16 simultaneous user access, and IEEE 802.3af PoE support. Resolution settings range from 180×120 up to 720×240, and a maximum pan/tilt speed of 120 degrees per second. Additional features include a wide range of shutter speeds, a NO/NC alarm connection, RS-485 control, and character titling up to 16 characters. The camera also has a monaural audio output at a maximum -8dB on a 3.5mm mini jack.

Sony SNC-RZ50N

From Sony, the SNC-RZ50N can output video in JPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264 along with providing simultaneous streaming in JPEG and MPEG-4 for wider network compatibility. A 26X optical zoom combined with day/night function and a 12X digital zoom gives the unit a wide surveillance range while Intelligent Motion Detection and Intelligent Object Detection allow it to track subjects within that area and detect objects that have been left in one place for a specified duration. Other features include electronic flash, voice alert, and CompactFlash, and PC card slots. The camera uses a 1/4-type Super HAD CCD that can deliver color pictures in light levels down to 2.2 lux. The video resolution is VGA in both MPEG-4 and JPEG modes with frame rates up to 30fps. The motion detection feature can trigger an alarm using the last 15 frames to perform motion analysis.

TOA Electronics C-CC574

TOA Electronics designed the C-CC574 multifunction NTSC dome camera for indoor use and equipped it with a powerful 35X optical zoom and a 12X digital zoom. Capable of producing a picture in very low light conditions, the camera offers 540 line horizontal resolution along with 256 position presets, fast zooming, 360 degree per second panning speed, electronic image stabilization, backlight compensation, and day/ night operation in black/white mode. The system also features motion detection and privacy masking using up to eight areas. There are also eight alarm inputs and two contact closure ports for triggering external systems. The unit is powered on 24VAC. All of the TOA PTZ cameras include software, enabling confirmation of camera operation, menu-based settings and backup of settings data, easy titling, and camera firmware uploads.




PTZ Cameras Technology Showcase

Mar 17, 2011 12:00 PM,
By Bennett Liles

A survey of the current crop of PTZ camera systems and their features.

Toshiba IK-WD12A

The IK-WD12A indoor IP mini dome camera from Toshiba uses a 1/3 2in. image sensor to provide a 2-megapixel maximum 1600×1200 resolution through a varifocal lens with 3X optical and 4X digital zoom. With quad streaming motion JPEG and MPEG-4 image compression, the system delivers a wide range of image sizes and frame rates, and adds a true day/night IR cut filter along with motion detection and a privacy mask using up to five windows. The unit supports a variety of protocols, supports both IPv4 and IPv6, and includes an SD card slot for video recording at the camera. On the audio side, it features a built-in microphone and two-way audio with a mic input and line output.


With the capability to send high-quality video signals over secure wireless connections, the TRENDnetTV-IP422W has night visibility up to 16ft. along with day/ night recording operation, motion detection, and two-way audio. The software allows email alerts and scheduled recording of MPEG-4 and M-JPEG from 1fps to 30fps with five compression ratio settings. The camera’s advanced encryption modes include WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK. A 3X digital zoom teamed with automatic exposure control, white balance and gain control, and a maximum 640×480 video resolution provide good picture quality and flexible configuration. Along with adjustable brightness, contrast, and saturation, there are eight position presets and a wide range of networking protocols are supported.

Vaddio ClearView HD-20

The new 3.27-megapixel ClearView HD-20 camera from Vaddio features 20X optical hyper-zoom lens and imaging sensor technology comparable to a 3-chip camera. The multi-element motorized zoom lens and new slip-clutch robotics system enhance performance with smooth pan/ tilt operation for accurate camera movement and control. The HD-20 is built around a 6.49mm diagonal (1/3-type) Sony Exmor sensor, which adopts the Column-Parallel A/D Conversion technique. With a lux rating of 1.6, the HD-20 also achieves improved picture quality in very low light environments. Control runs via VISCA command protocol or the IR remote that is supplied. The camera outputs HD video in both analog component (YPbPr) and HDMI formats in resolutions of 1080p, 1080i, and 720p. There are optional video output cards available.

Vivotek PZ7111/PZ7112

Available in two variants, the PZ7111/PZ7112 from Vivotek offers built-in WLAN connectivity with the PZ7112 and IEEE 802.3af PoE-compliant operation with the PZ7111. Both models offer a 10X optical zoom lens, 10X digital zoom, realtime M-JPEG and MPEG-4 compression in dual streams, 3GPP mobile surveillance, HTTPS-encrypted data transmission, a digital I/O function for external sensors and triggering external alarms, and two-way audio using SIP protocol. In low-light mode, the camera can produce images in light levels down to 0.05 lux. Image size, quality, and bit rates are adjustable, and the unit features time stamp and text caption overlay. Additional image adjustments include saturation, sharpness, white balance, and flip/mirror functions.



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