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QSC Audio Introduces MD Powered Series Loudspeakers

QSC Audio Introduces MD Powered Series Loudspeakers

May 18, 2006 8:00 AM

QSC Audio MD Powered speakers

The MD Powered loudspeaker series from QSC Audio offers exceptional performance in a wide variety of applications, including houses of worship, performing arts facilities, hotels, casinos, night clubs, and sporting facilities.

Specifying MD Powered is appropriate anywhere there is a need for dependable high-performance loudspeakers with predictable coverage, extended frequency response, and the precision of integrated power amplification and signal processing. For design/build contractors and electroacoustic design consultants, the MD Powered series offers an effective solution to the myriad of challenges encountered in the design and implementation of permanently installed sound reinforcement systems.

Designed as a family of modular, arrayable loudspeakers, the full-range self-powered MD family includes six models: three models with 12in. LF sections, and three with 15in. LF sections. Nominal coverage patterns of 60°x40 °, 90°x40 °, and 120°x40 ° are available with either low-frequency complement. In addition, two low-frequency-only MD Powered systems, the MD-LP115 and MD-LP118, share the common form factor of the full-range systems. All share the same 35in. tall, 30° trapezoidal enclosure as their passive MD series counterparts.

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