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QSC Unveils PLX2 Series Amps

QSC Unveils PLX2 Series Amps

Jun 15, 2006 8:00 AM


Building upon a reputation for sonic quality and rugged reliability with what now represents a third generation of PowerLight technology, QSC‘s new PLX2 amplifiers made their debut at this year’s Infocomm International show.

Designed to meet the demanding needs of live performance, PLX2 amplifiers are divided into two product groups offering power outputs of up to 3600W. Adding subwoofer processing and more convenient back-panel switches to the original PLX platform, the fully featured PLX2 “02” lineup (models PLX1802, PLX2502, PLX3102, and PLX3602) is complemented by the compact PLX2 “04” amps (models PLX1104 and PLX1804), which bring the same technology to applications where bridged or 2Ω operation isn’t required.

“The PLX2 Series is uncompromising on every level,” says QSC founder and chief designer Pat Quilter. “Within the internal circuitry, PowerWave switchmode technology removes the weight of a conventional power supply while actually improving power handling.”

With QSC’s third-generation PowerLight technology, PLX2 amps tip the scales at a total of 15lbs. to 21lbs.

“A conventional power transformer can easily weigh more than a complete PLX2 amp,” Quilter adds. “By greatly increasing the power supply frequency, the PowerWave supply utilizes a much smaller, more efficient transformer with shorter, wider windings. This thicker, less restrictive design is not only lighter, but supplies more peak power to the audio output section, as well.”

Beyond these benefits, the PLX2 product group offers sound quality usually associated with studio reference amplifiers thanks to its use of audio power circuits that reduce crossover distortion with precision bias tracking. In addition, PLX2 models with higher power ratings are outfitted with QSC’s proprietary Class H output circuitry, which can best be described as a form of audio turbocharging that increases maximum power yields without affecting sonic performance.

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