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Satellite Collaboration

Brenau University wanted an all-in-one device that combined video calling, sharing presentations, and note taking.

Some of Brenau University’s courses, especially those dedicated to specialized fields of study, draw enrollment from only a select number of students every semester. A few years ago, specialized classes at some of the campuses had to be cancelled when not enough students signed up. Unfortunately, many students that were spread across the campuses needed to take the cancelled classes to earn credit toward their chosen degree. Brenau wanted to provide the classes and serve those dedicated students, but didn’t have an easy way to allow a single instructor to teach students at each of the school campuses simultaneously.

When the time came to upgrade some Brenau classrooms the school needed to combine at least two manufacturers to get the collaborative functionality it sought. Brenau University wanted an all-in-one device that combined video calling, sharing presentations, and note taking. The school decided to standardize on InFocus Mondopad. With Mondopad, a teacher could share and write on a presentation over a video call and teach not only the students in the room, but those in the satellite locations as well.

Brenau hired integrator AGT to support the Mondopad implementation across multiple campuses and departments. AGT identified a design and implementation plan to ensure each campus’ install would be complete in one day. Therefore, disruption of existing class schedules was minimized.

In some cases, AGT needed to integrate Mondopads into rooms with existing audiovisual systems where a Mondopad would replace a local laptop or tower PCs while seamlessly connecting with existing infrastructure. One example includes the school’s Clinical Human Anatomy Lab, which is equipped with multiple Mondopads in a large, open lab environment with multiple workstations.

The final setup includes three Mondopads mounted on the wall in three areas dedicated to different surgical tables in the lab. Two of the tables, which often hold cadavers to demonstrate real-life surgical procedures, are located relatively close to each other and share a single ceiling mount camera, which aims down and can project on the Mondopads or two standard 70in. displays. more online For more case studies, visit

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