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Scenic Presence

Videowall secured with a Peerless-AV mount brings the outdoor surroundings in.

To bring the outdoors in, a New York real estate company wanted to create a transparent lobby in one of its buildings in Jersey City, N.J. The company wanted to focus on the idea that Jersey City is somewhat of a staple to most people looking to relocate to the area. It’s close enough to Manhattan to be able to enjoy the city life, while still keeping a slight distance from the hustle and bustle. During inclement weather, the real estate company still wanted customers to see the beauty in the area, while also providing additional content on available properties, local activities, and places of interest.

The real estate company turned to ESSENTIALCOM; integrators the company had worked with previously. ESSENTIALCOM knew they would need a digital signage solution that was user-friendly, maintenance free, and easily accessible for the few times the real estate company would need to access the back of the displays. ESSENTIALCOM chose to work with Peerless-AV.

After meeting with Peerless-AV and sharing their ideas on how to bring the outdoors inside, it was decided that ESSENTIALCOM would install a 5×4 videowall display using the Peerless-AV SmartMount Full-Service Video Wall Mount with Quick Release (DS-VW765-LQR).

The DS-VW765-LQR was ideal for the real estate company because it has a no-tool-required micro-adjustment feature and provides easy access to any display, making it the most efficient mount for installation and accessibility.

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