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Symetrix Announces SymNet Designer 7.0

Symetrix Announces SymNet Designer 7.0

May 4, 2006 8:00 AM

Symetrix, a leading provider of signal processing technology for the installed sound market, announces the latest upgrade to its SymNet Network Audio DSP platform. In June 2006, version 7.0 of the SymNet Designer application for Windows will be available for public download from

The primary focus of the new release is the addition of Loudspeaker Management Modules. These modules provide many of the common features required for loudspeaker management and room optimization, including parametric EQ, high-pass and low-pass filtering, delay, gain, invert, and mute.

The modules come in two versions: Smaart-compatible and standard. These are identical except that the Smaart-compatible version can be directly controlled from SIA Software‘s popular SmaartLive RTA software.

As with previous upgrades and additions to the SymNet toolkit, Loudspeaker Management Modules are offered as a series of software modules that can be added to a SymNet design at any time based on the system application.

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