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Videotel Digital Launches New Industrial Grade Auto Looping DVD Player with Touch Panel Smart Technology

Videotel Digital announces the launch of the HD2600 XD Industrial Grade looping DVD Player. A newer version of the marketplace leader's legacy HD2600 Industrial Grade DVD Player, the product uses smart technology among other new advanced features

Ahead of the game in industrial digital media players, DVD players, and interactive digital solutions, Videotel Digital announces the launch of a new player. Named as the HD2600 XDthe newest industrial grade looping DVD player is on point with digital age industrial technology. This DVD player is not only commercial grade but it is additionally designed for rugged 24/7 seamless auto playback. Instead of using what’s known as membrane switches, the HD2600 XD has a convenient, newer face plate technology.

Referred to by Videotel Digital as “Touch Panel” the new feature is much like the technology used on smartphones. With a simplified settings menu with all previously adjustable functions now automated, and the bullet proof success rate of instantaneous auto play, the new industrial DVD player sets new standards. An upgraded version of Videotel’s legacy HD2600 DVD player, the new design adds to convenience exponentially. Instead of four modes to trigger auto start and auto repeat, the company has narrowed it to only two in addition to a manual mode. With additional upgraded features, the new DVD player will by pass menus and previews and instantly play the main feature of a movie in Title Mode.

“We’re thrilled to roll this new product out especially to those who are already delighted with the legacy version. Now, features like auto start, auto loop and multiple start up screens – black or blue – will do nothing but add to the usability. It even has an upgraded remote that’s larger, has more range, and uses a standard AAA instead of a watch battery.” said Lisa Schneider, Videotel Digital’s VP of Sales & Marketing

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