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Case Study: Lives Changed By Christ Church, PA

Although they don’t meet in one physical space, the 15,000 weekly attendees of LCBC (Lives Changed By Christ) Church comprise one of the largest megachurches in the country. After its central location reached capacity in 2006, LCBC began launching satellite locations. Clair Solutions has been helping the church integrate the technology in all of its satellite locations and recently completed LCBC’s fourteenth satellite location in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

“The satellite in Lebanon was a pre-existing church,” explained Joe Holcomb, project manager at Clair Solutions. “The sanctuary seats around three-hundred people and is much longer than it is wide. LCBC’s services begin with a local introduction, followed by video of the central location’s presentation. The service closes out with a performance by (and interactive participation with) a live worship band in each location. In addition, they break the kids up by age groups into separate rooms where they do local activities.”

Given the structure of their services, sound reinforcement at the Lebanon satellite has to deliver intelligible spoken word from live microphones; intelligible spoken word from the central location video feed; and loud, impactful sound from the live worship band. “LCBC wants new people to feel at ease, and part of that involves playing the music a little louder than they might otherwise, noted Seth Morth, engineering manager at Clair Solutions. “That way, people can catch the resonance of the spirit while they’re singing along without being distracted by how ‘good’ their singing is!”

Clair Solutions installed four kiTCurve-TrueFit loudspeakers manufactured by its sister company, Clair Brothers, along with two Clair Brothers CS218 subwoofers arrayed to give cardioid projection into the pews and away from the stage. The kiTCurve-TrueFit loudspeakers are custom-built to match the precise requirements of the Lebanon sanctuary. Given the pattern control of both the loudspeakers and the subwoofers, on-stage volume is 10 to 20dB lower than it is in the seating, which improves the experience for the musicians and minimizes the threat of feedback. A 40-input Midas M32 digital console controls the system from a FOH position in the balcony, and Lab.gruppen amplifiers with integrated Lake DSP power the system. Powered JBL EON Series loudspeakers cover the kids’ rooms. QSC Q-SYS DSP handles overall system functioning, including scheduled events and presets for different event types.

Although LCBC’s in-house technicians handle all of the video synchronizing, Clair Solutions provided and installed the Roland V-1SDI video switcher, Barco F90-W13 projector, and Da-Lite video screen.

PHOTO CREDIT: © 2019 LCBC Church


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