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Projection Screens

Screens have come a long way in just the past few years. In fact, the whole concept of projection screens has evolved so rapidly that they, more than ever,...


NewTek in the Worship Space, Part 2

Every church and congregation has its own personality and that’s being conveyed more and more on video. NewTek's Philip Nelson is here to give us the company’s side of...


NewTek in the Worship Space, Part 1

With a big congregation, the Community of Christ Church in Independence, Mo., also plays host to local graduations and many other events. The tech crew has to be ready...


Roland VR-50HD Mixer

The Roland VR-50HD features an audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touchscreen, and USB video/audio streaming.


Case Study: Video Production Hub

When Faith Assembly Church moved from its main campus in Orlando, Fla., to a nearby and significantly larger 300,000-square-foot space, the organization had big plans of making its megachurch...


Portable PAs

Portable PA systems literally come in all shapes and sizes. Many have multi-angle, asymmetrical cabinets, so they can double as floor monitors. Some include onboard amplification and DSP for...


Emergency Audio for Worship, Part 2

St. Lucy Parish, a church with both traditional and more contemporary services in an unusual layout. Its old sound system suddenly collapsed and they called for help from Zamar...


Discover Video DE VOS 3.0

DEVOS 3.0 key features include hybrid enterprise and cloud video streaming for traffic load balancing and reach, world-class multi-screen user interface; and live and on-demand delivery to computers.


Bose RoomMatch a Fit for Washington Church

When construction began on Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, church leadership and the architect, Seattle-based Broderick Architects, turned to Olympia’s CCI Solutions as consultant for acoustics and systems integrator for...


LED/LCD Monitors

Falling prices and expanding roles for flatpanel displays have pushed them into more applications while broadening the feature sets for these devices.


Wireless Mics

We’ll be looking at a variety of systems and implementations of wireless technology for production and presentation applications.


Passion 2013 Conference, Part 2

Passion 2013, a religious gathering reaching out to students and young adults brought 60,000 people to Atlanta’s Georgia Dome and TNDV Television was also there to provide 23 cameras,...


Passion 2013 Conference, Part 1

One of the biggest events to hit Atlanta’s Georgia Dome this year was Passion 2013, a religious gathering reaching out to students and young adults.


Upgrade for Even Coverage

The Bayside Church in Roseville, Calif., known to many as the home to house-of-worship leader and influential musician, Lincoln Brewster, recently upgraded its speaker system for its 2,300-seat main...


Matrox Maevex Video Distributor

The Maevex video distribution over IP solution consists of the Maevex 5100 Series encoder/decoder pair that extends 1080p60 video and audio over a standard IP network.

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Introducing Flipside AV

There is a new name in the UK’s AV installation market – Flipside AV. The new brand is a result of the changing business model for the popular London-based systems integrator,...