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Passion City Church

Live audio transport RAVENNA infrastructure links two Atlanta locations with an eye to a SMPTE ST 2110 future

“Atlanta’s Passion City Church has a live audio transport infrastructure that links two Atlanta locations, –515 and Cumberland–and a third site in Trilith, Georgia. The high-energy worship style relies heavily on music; the building hosts events and other productions as well as worship services.

To support users, the church wanted a real- time multimedia delivery system. The designed system centers on two Artel Video Systems Quarra 1G PTP Ethernet switches to support IP-based handling of audio signals being transported among the three locations,

Passion City Church uses a dark fiber connection among the three locations to support bidirectional RAVENNA audio transport. This approach allows the church to implement audio over IP (AoIP) transport now while maintaining the flexibility and scalability to move toward SMPTE ST 2110-based media transport in the future.

“The high-performance feature set of Quarra and its level of timing accuracy allows us to leverage the power and flexibility of IP in the most reliable way,” said Stephen Bailey, Lead Audio Engineer at Passion City Church. “Having this infrastructure in place allows us to be ‘living in the future,’ capable of exchanging full-resolution audio to wherever there’s an internet connection while being ST 2110-ready at the push of a button.”

Fully compatible with RAVENNA, Artel’s” “Quarra switch serves as the networking element that allows Passion City Church to move a large volume of audio signals between multiple sites with ease and reliability.

With accurate IEEE 1588v2 timing, the switch also provides the PTP synchronization essential for audio over IP applications. During concur- rent live services across all three sites, Passion City Church leverages this accuracy to allow three separate bands at different sites to perform together live, all playing the same song at the same time. “Few houses of worship embrace the possibilities of AoIP, and it’s exciting to see Passion City Church approach this recent audio transport challenge with an eye toward the future,” said Paul Seiden, Director of Sales at Artel.”

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