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Amazon adds Vinyl of the Month Club

And for the latest fleecing.

FYI vinyl fans, Amazon can make money off you too. Amazon has soft-launched its own record subscription service. It’s name is designed to make you for sure feel old, but I guess in a good way: Vinyl of the Month Club: The Golden Era. It costs $25 a month, for now and you don’t need to be a Prime member.

The service will send out a single album each month and as its name suggests. According to Rolling Stone, the club has already featured Pink Floyd’s double album, The Wall, and London Calling by The Clash.

Meanwhile Amazon’s landing page says future months will include albums from Aretha Franklin, ABBA, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis and Fleetwood Mac.

The signup page gives a clue to just how new (and tentative) this latest play is. “Be among the first — Subscribe now and help us evolve our service by providing feedback on your experience.”

The service competes with other record clubs, including the CNET fave Vinyl Me Please. VMP currently offers a choice between three different genres and charges $119 for three months of exclusive pressings. Unlike competitors’ services, the Amazon club only offers one membership “track” and doesn’t yet advertise which record will be sent to subscribers.

Still–if you or a loved one is a vinyl fan and doesn’t have access to thrift stores or eBay, this could be a thoughtful gift.

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