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Cybersecurity Resources for AV

Published in June 2018, this Recommended Practice paper from the AVIXA security task group provides guidance and current best practices for securing networked AV systems. This includes recognizing risks in networked AV systems and developing a risk mitigation management plan to address those risks. The responsibility for developing such a plan should include AV staff, integrators, consultants, and manufacturers; each of whom have an important role in the process. Organizations that take the steps outlined in this recommended practice can form a baseline for establishing a robust AV security management program, regardless of their size or experience.

Task group members:

Richard Morrison, CTS, AECOM

Jason Dalton, CTS-I, BAE Systems

Greg Bronson, CTS-D, Cornell University

Toine Leerentveld, Crestron Electronics, Inc.

Stuart Mitchell, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I, Harman Pro Group

David Samura, International Criminal Court

John Monitto, CTS, Meyer Sound

Roger Schwenke, Meyer Sound

Summer School

SANS Institute, the global leader in cyber security training, today announced the agenda for SANS Chicago 2018 (#SANSChicago) taking place August 20-25, 2018 in Illinois. Forensic and incident response expert Alissa Torres (@sibertor) will deliver the keynote address, The Answer is on the Endpoint. SANS Chicago 2018 also features courses for security professionals at every level. Those new to cyber security will benefit from the SEC301: Introduction to Cyber Security and SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style courses.

SANS Institute has also announced the agenda for SANS San Francisco Summer 2018 (#SANSSanFrancisco) taking place August 26-31, 2018 in California. Courses will cover a variety of topics including cyber defense, ethical hacking, penetration testing, digital forensics and security management. Stephen Sims (@Steph3nSims), a Faculty Fellow with SANS Institute and course author will deliver the keynote address, An Interactive Look at Software Exploitation & Today’s Threat Landscape. According to Sims, “The majority of data breaches that have occurred over the past few years are not the result of some cutting-edge, zero-day exploit. Rather, their success lies in the failure by organizations to patch systems, harden configurations, enforce policies, and disable features. Even when critical practices like patching are not immediately possible, there are a large number of exploit mitigations and protections to help prevent an attack.”

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