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Frontier launches symmetrical 5Gbps plan across their fiber network

Less than 2 minutes to download a 100 minute, 8K film sounds pretty impressive

For those looking for the absolute highest speed internet they can get their hands on, Frontier has just made a big announcement. The provider has unveiled a symmetrical plan at a whopping 5Gbps across all of its fiber networks. Though at $155 per month, this tier probably appeals only to those with massive internet needs for their work.

The provider notes that the 5Gbps is symmetrical, applying to both upload and download speeds, and claims that they are the first major provider to offer these specs. To take advantage of the extra speed, either 10Gps Ethernet or a WiFi 6e router is required. Frontier claims that a 100 minute, 8K movie takes less than two minutes to download with this plan, and that the network reliability is 99.9%.

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Whether or not you are positioned to take advantage of Frontier’s new offering, more providers offering more high-speed plans is sure to lead to more appealing options at better price points for everyone.

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