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Google Drive springs maximum file limit on customers without saying a word

The unannounced change has left some users locked out

If you use Google’s storage services for work, you may want to make sure the number of files you have saved is below 5 million before it’s too late. Google has caught many customers by surprise, alerting them that they have gone over their file limit on their Google Drive accounts. The issue? No such file limit has ever been publicly announced by Google.

As reported by Ars Technica, more and more Reddit users are chiming in to report the same situation. They log on to an alert telling them they must delete files to get down to the 5 million file limit. Exacerbating the issue is that these aren’t free users, these are people that have purchased storage space from Google. As Google One storage space can cost up to $150 a month for the largest storage plan, its unsurprising that this sudden implementation of a file limit is rubbing customers the wrong way.

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Even if a user is paying a premium price for 30TB of storage, 5 million 8KB files (totaling to 40GB of space) would still put them this new limit, far and beyond lower than what they are paying for. The issue has been happening for several months now with no official word from Google.

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