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Samsung’s Bixby will soon be able to answer calls with your voice

The feature is currently available in Korea, and should be coming overseas soon

The AI revolution continues as Samsung is updating its Galaxy phones to harness its power for your convenience. Later this month, an update will allow you to reply to a phone call with text input, and Samsung’s Bixby assistant will speak your message to the caller. Following the lead of other tech giants, the Korean company is leveraging AI-powered voice replication to deliver that message in your own voice.

The feature, called “Bixby Text Call,” will take advantage of another Samsung feature– Bixby Voice Creator. In the voice creator, users can speak several sentences to train Bixby, which will then create an “AI generated copy” of the voice, including tone. The Voice Creator is already available to users in Korea, and should become available to the rest of the world soon. That’s not all, as Samsung stated that they are planning to implement uses of the Voice Creator beyond just for phone calls.

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From Samsung’s press release: “Users can also personalize their Bixby Text Call voice. Using the new Bixby Custom Voice Creator, users can record different sentences for Bixby to analyze and create an AI generated copy of their voice and tone. Currently available in Korean, this generated voice is planned to be compatible with other Samsung apps beyond phone calls. And for those who want to customize their wake word, Bixby now supports changes to the Custom wake-up phrase within Bixby settings as well.”



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