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Uber workplace return

Uber rethinks the office

uber workplace return

What will the Uber workplace return look like? Like many companies, Uber has made various proclamations about when and how and how much the company will return to offices. Decisions are made and revised as employees find themselves in an unprecedented situation of having a big say. The old order was well and truly broken for most office-based companies. Now on the back of that shakeup–the lessons learned, the technology implemented, the work/life balance lived in new ways–the return to offices is evolving. New messages are coming every month, as companies figure out what hybrid work will mean.

Uber workplace return statement 6/29/21 from Chief People Officer:
Since we introduced our Return to Office approach two months ago, we have continued to gather feedback from employees and evaluate our approach. Like other companies around the world, we are rethinking what post-pandemic work arrangements should look like, and want to provide our teams more flexible ways of working. It’s still early days as we look to find the right long-term model for Uber, yet we want Uber to continue being a great place for our current and future employees, and that means adapting to different needs and being creative about what is possible.

First, our employees will have more flexibility on their preferred office location, choosing from a list of dedicated team hubs, instead of being limited to their pre-pandemic location. Second, we’re asking those working in offices to spend at least 50% of their time there, instead of a minimum of 3 days per week. This can be 3 days one week and 2 days the next week, or 5 days one week and 0 days the next week, depending on what works best for the employee and their team.

While we still believe in the value of in-person collaboration and the community that builds, we also value our employees having the choice to decide where they want to work while they’re not in the office. So if they’re spending half their time in the office, they can spend the other half wherever—working from home, working from a relative’s home around the holidays, or taking a trip and extending their time there to work remotely. Our hope is that this provides a chance to spend more time with family, an opportunity to explore new places, and a refreshing change of scenery.

Finally, we’ll provide more flexibility for some employees to be fully remote. We know certain jobs can be successful without being in an office, and this option can work well for some people. We’re establishing a process to apply to be fully remote if employees think that’s best for them. We’ll also host periodic in-person meetings once our offices reopen so remote employees have the chance to meet and collaborate with their teammates face to face and benefit from in-person interaction and collaboration.

The world is starting to move again and we’re excited to get back to business, whether that’s in an office or remote. We’re going to continue to listen, look at the data, and watch what’s happening in the market and the world–and we won’t be afraid to adapt as necessary.

Nikki Krishnamurthy
Chief People Officer


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