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WATCH: Youtuber gives London’s Knightrider Court signage a cheeky ‘upgrade’

Unfortunately, the upgrade didn't cause the sign to start talking

Sound & Video Contractor does not endorse any acts of vandalism. That said, Youtuber Matt Gray’s “dastardly plan” was carried out with a single strip of double sided tape, and he easily removed it after a day had passed. 80’s kids and fans of the David Hasselhoff classic Knight Rider might wish he didn’t, however.

Most people remember the admittedly-cheesy-but-beloved show Knight Rider from the 1980’s, starring a young David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a crime fighter who’s sidekick was a talking car named K.I.T.T. Matt Gray was clearly a fan, as he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to turn the signage of London’s Knightrider Court into an homage to the sci fi crime show.

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Utilizing a strip of red LEDs, a 3D-printed battery pack, an Adafruit Gemma to animate the LED strip, and a little double sided tape, Gray fixed up the court’s signage to give a cheeky nod to the Hasselhoff vehicle. After giving pedestrians enough time to admire his work, snapping pictures and taking videos, Gray took down the LEDs after only a day, leaving the Knightrider Court the way it was before.

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