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Agency Collaboration

When executives at Words and Pictures, a New Jersey-based advertising and marketing agency, needed a collaboration tool for meetings, they chose Kramer Electronics’ VIA Connect PRO for a simple, wireless solution that works with any laptop or mobile device. It enables simultaneous viewing, editing, and commenting on documents in real time.

“We love how it easily brings everyone in the meeting onto the same page and allows us to step in and show our ideas, and even present new ideas in real time,” says Rhonda Smith, owner of Words and Pictures.

Smith also noted that the solution was especially appealing because it did not require software or a significant hardware investment, and it was compatible with her company’s current computer network. Up to four people’s screens can be shown on the main display, and users can also share files and chat electronically with individuals or groups during the session.

In addition,the VIA Connect PRO offers full HD wireless video streaming, supporting full HD 1080p/60, MP3 files, and photos. Smith said the HD video quality far surpassed typical formats.

“The image is seamless,” she says, “without the usual stuttering from playback over WiFi.”

The Kramer VIA Connect PRO system supports both MAC and PC, as well as Android and iOS mobile operating systems, while giving multiple users the ability to edit and control the main display at the same time; users can also annotate, illustrate, and edit on the device’s whiteboard. Not only can files can be instantly shared by Cloud connection, but users benefit from the VIA Connect PRO’s security features, including user authentication, 1024-bit encryption, and a dynamic room code.

Because it’s wireless, the Kramer VIA Connect PRO can be installed and ready for use in less than an hour. The Kramer Electronics team provides set-up support and training on the system, either by phone or on site.

“The Kramer Electronics VIA Connect PRO system has dramatically changed the way we collaborate, and I can’t imagine our conference room without it,” Smith says.

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