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AMX Acquires Endeleo

AMX announced that it has acquired Endeleo, a UK-based manufacturer of TV and multiformat media distribution technologies.

AMX Acquires Endeleo

Nov 2, 2006 11:03 AM

AMX, a worldwide leader in advanced control system technology, announced that it has acquired Endeleo, a UK-based manufacturer of TV and multiformat media distribution technologies.
Endeleo is one of the fastest growing companies in the Audio/Video (AV) industry. The company’s managed television and multi-format media distribution systems allow organizations in a variety of vertical markets, such as business, education, government, retail and entertainment, to simultaneously deliver broadcast and video content to multiple display devices throughout a single building or across a campus.

Endeleo’s customer base includes ABN AMRO, Bear Stearns, the Chicago Police Department, HSBC, The Metropolitan Police, Credit Suisse, New York Mercantile Exchange, NYC Office of Emergency Management, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and Viacom/MTV, among others.

“AMX’s core business is focused on three key areas – device control, asset control and content control,” says Rashid Skaf, AMX president and CEO. “Our acquisition of Endeleo is part of a strategic plan to further extend our product portfolio in the areas of content delivery and retrieval. Endeleo products also support our device and asset control strategies by their ability to be controlled, managed and scheduled.”

Endeleo products are advanced, yet cost-effective because they deliver media over easily-installed, dedicated Cat-5 cable, which decouples distribution of the media from the corporate backbone. This media can be delivered at lengths of up to 3000ft., to thousands of display devices, such as TVs, LCDs, plasma screens, or computers. Multiple Endeleo products can be linked together to provide even more advanced distribution options, offering scalability to a variety of customers.

“Leveraging Endeleo’s technology, AMX is providing our commercial dealers with compelling new products that will help them meet the needs of organizations wanting an efficient, flexible, and cost effective way to disseminate broadcast or video content,” says Skaf. “We are excited about all the opportunities we see in banks, hotels, sports bars, broadcast facilities, and corporations, as well as educational media distribution for universities and colleges.”

“We have been on an accelerated growth path since our inception and saw the opportunity to become part of AMX as the natural formula to continue our growth,” says Kevin Morrison, Managing Director of Endeleo. “In dealing with AMX over the last year we realized this is the type of organization we want to be a part of because the company is focused on growth, quality, personal integrity, and a great work environment.”

Endeleo’s managed television distribution system, the TVM1600, is a fully configurable, multi-standard TV transmission system capable of supporting up to 192 channels per display connection. The company’s multi-format video distribution system, the UDM1604, delivers any combination of video and audio formats, including Component, Composite, VGA, S-Video and RGB. Management and administration of the product lines is easy because they ship with their own onboard web engine that allows for rapid set up of the system and easy management of channel lineup. An onscreen messaging feature enables the user to deliver broadcast messages to individual, group, or all screens.

Both of Endeleo’s media distribution systems can be easily integrated with AMX control and automation systems. Duet modules are available for download on, which enable the devices in AMX’s VisualArchitect software. Both systems ship with an IR receiver port for additional control opportunities by other third party devices or via the Endeleo IR remote control.

Endeleo will be fully integrated into AMX, and all current Endeleo employees will now become AMX employees. AMX has formed a new group called the Endeleo Group, which will focus on market development and product development of the products. The product family will be branded Endeleo and all individual product models will maintain their original model names.

The existing AMX sales force will take responsibility for selling Endeleo products in their territories. All current Endeleo dealers who are not AMX dealers will be contacted immediately by their respective regional AMX sales representative to tell them about the AMX dealer establishment process. Endeleo dealers who are also AMX current dealers will experience no change in their relationship or ordering process with AMX. AMX customers will continue to place product orders and request technical support through the same procedures.

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