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April 1997

April 1997



Sennheiser distributes D.A.S. Sennheiser, Old Lyme, CT, will exclusively distribute D.A.S. Audio products in the United States. D.A.S. Audio of America…


Looking Out for Your Clients

James Beckham

The sale is made, but the war is not won. Without after-sale follow-up, your clients are vulnerable to sneak attacks by more responsive competitors. After…

Defusing the Angry Customer

Richard G. Ensman

Here are some of the leading causes of customer frustration and anger. As you ponder this list, ask yourself what steps you could take to prevent these…

The Three Waves of Security Revenue

Lee Borland

Anytime you can attack sales with more than one wave of “soldiers,” you’re increasing your chances of increasing your profits. Which is one reason selling…

All’s Fair in Sales & Marketing

The S&VC staff

Many small-business owners are a little uncomfortable with sales and marketing. Frightened, even. Designing a system is a quiet, peaceful activity, but…

Of the press

Ted Uzzle

Would you be terribly surprised if I told you I am often disappointed and sometimes shocked by what I read in the press?There are fewer clearer examples…

A Plan of Attack

Michael Stocker

A well-written proposal is your best campaign for winning a project from your competitors. If ability to do the technical work were the only factor determining…

Paying to Win

Alan Kruglak

In the war of sales, your best soldiers are your sales reps. Your compensation plan should motivate them to fight the most profitable battles, not the…

Peace Talks

Ted Tate

* Increased volume: Give a price cut in exchange for a larger order.* Additional items or services: Give a price cut in exchange for the customer giving…

War Games

Ted Tate

Before any sales call or negotiation, you should have an idea of value: How much is what you are selling worth in the real world? Also, know as much about…

A Focus On Sales Training

Beth Rosengren

To be the best salesperson you can be, you need some basic training. This profile tests your sales skills so you can focus that training efficiently….

Sensors are Your Friend

Howard E. Friedman

With new sensor technology and lower costs, security systems can protect premises better than ever before. Each year, the number of input devices for…

What to Expect from Your Supplier

Robert D. Grossman

Factory support is often promised as a catchall category. If everyone provides it, why is it different with each company? Probably because there is no…

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