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April 1998

April 1998


Electrical Safety-an issue of education

Nathaniel Hecht

Working in our industry, it is just about impossible to avoid hazardous situations when it comes to electricity. I can remember an incident when I was…

Establishing Sales Territories

Alan Kruglak

Race horses project a rare combination of power and grace. The most valuable ones have agility and speed-they’re the runners that win the trophies. Good…


Business News

Lutron relaunches division Lutron Electronics, Coopersburg, PA, has relaunched its commercial A-V division to offer lighting control products for use…

Association News

The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International has moved its headquarters to 1625 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314; phone: 703-519-6200;…

What’s New

What’s New

Installation products Mixer: The Mojo MM8x club and mobile mixer from Rane has eight inputs with four phono pre-amps, independent EQ for each of the four…

What’s New

Signal processor:Symetrix The 9022 2×2 DSP Engine from Symetrix is a programmable, two-channel processor that supports 24-bit, multifunction DSP processing….

Video Projections

Scaling New Heights

Peter H. Putman

The 1998 trade show season is here, and the explosive growth in large-screen display technology shows no evidence of abating. It seems that there’s always…

Clean Signals

Understanding Video and Other Unbalanced Interfaces.

Bill Whitlock

Ground noise is a rich mixture of power line harmonics and any other high-frequency noises that exist on the power line-think about listening to the power…


A New Sound

Sam Gidren

Plagued by substandard sound quality for several years, things have gradually changed for the better at the Hollywood Bowl. Over the past three years,…

Play ball

Toni Flosi

After more than three decades of existence, Anaheim Stadium has a new look and a new name. Now Edison International Field of Anaheim, the familiar structure…

Back to Basics

Andrew Dixon

The sound installation business these days is a hotbed of new technologies with products and gadgets that have consumed our attention, and as a result,…

High Security: Providing Audio System Supervision for the Lockheed MartinComplex.

R. David Read

During recent years, audio paging systems have been increasingly pressed into service to provide voice evacuation, sound masking and other functions….

Beating the Clock

Danny Abelson

Not many college basketball teams can boast the kind of arena that the Badgers of the University of Wisconsin received when the Kohl Center opened this…

Atop the Green Monster

Gregory A. DeTogne

History has shown that if you are a Boston Red Sox fan, you learn to live with catastrophe. I realize that making a statement like that may seem like…

To Market

Carolyn Heinze

Located in Charlotte, NC, Earth Fare, “The Healthy Supermarket,” is a grocery store with a twist. Equipped with a health-food supermarket, a restaurant…

Why Use DSP?: An Introductory Course in DSP System Design, Part 2

David Skolnick and Noam Levine

If you have read the first part of this series (see S&VC, December 1997) or are already familiar with some of the ways a DSP can work with real-world…

Versatility with Intimacy

Jack McLean

The facility is part of a more than 64,000 ft squared (5,946 meter squared) addition to the church, located in Kentwood, MI, which is just south of Grand…

Night life

Joe Kamenstein

In its heyday at its former location on Broadway at West 75th Street, New York’s China Club was known as a late-night meeting place for celebrities and…

Vanishing Act

Gregory A. DeTogne

To be heard and not seen was the audio system design edict issued at the outset of construction of the Bistro Roxy, a Parisian-style restaurant found…

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