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April 2012

April 2012

Tech Showcases

Power Amplifiers

By Bennett Liles

The power amplifiers available today make those that were top of the line only a few years back look like covered wagons. …

Signal Distribution

By Llanor Alleyne

Fundamental to achieving the best possible sound or video quality possible in an AV system, signal distribution, though a seemingly simple Point A to Point B task, can quickly become an absorbing job for the commercial AV professional. …

Features & Columns

Art + Tech

By Cynthia Wisehart

I’m sitting in the Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in the wee hours of the morning—while Meyer Sound’s Steve Ellison and Pierre Germain finish commissioning a Constellation acoustic system in preparation for handing it over to the creatives….

Audio End-to-End for Worship

By Bruce Borgerson

Late last year, a paradigm shifted at the midsize mainline church in Oregon where I serve as volunteer technical director. …

Video End-to-End for Worship

By Jan Ozer

Your client has decided to shoot their weekly services and share them via streaming and optical disk….

Programming Profitability

By Patrick Barron

Programmers in the AV industry are faced with many challenges, primarily the creation of software that works properly while making a profit from that programming….

Audio in the End Zone at Texas Christian University, Part 1

Designing a total sound system upgrade for Amon G. Carter Stadium at Texas Christian University was a big job and Acoustic Dimensions pulled it off successfully. …

Audio in the End Zone at Texas Christian University, Part 2

With Bennett Liles

When Texas Christian University completely remodeled its Amon G. Carter Stadium it included a total sound system upgrade and they called on Acoustic Dimensions to design a system….

On the Circuit

How do you keep up with new gear and changing trends? …

If you haven’t heard of the analog sunset, the good news is you’re not alone.

By Tim Kridel, Special to InfoComm International

If you haven’t heard of the analog sunset, the good news is you’re not alone. …


POSSE Audio In-ear Monitor System Review

Reviewer: John McJunkin

POSSE Audio has introduced its Personal On Stage Sound Environment (POSSE) system, which appears to me to land right in that sweet spot that’s not too complex, simple, or expensive. …

The Buzz

YouTube Channel: Listen Technologies

Listen Technologies shares its video content….

How the Vicious Circle of Falling Behind Can Cripple Your Cash Flow

Your relationship with your vendor is impacted by your payment performance. Good customers will receive better benefits in the form of a higher level of service and better pricing….

Systems Integrators Gain Winning Strategies to Adapt. Evolve. Compete

A buzz started in early March as more than 230 attendees gathered at the NSCA Business & Leadership Conference in Dallas to discuss management strategies, social media tactics, accounting processes, and real issues affecting the industry …

Streamline Payroll Services with Customized Options

New NSCA member benefit offers partnership with Future Systems…

PreSonus StudioLive Remote 1818VSL Mobile App

PreSonus has announced StudioLive Remote 1818VSL software, a dedicated wireless-control app for the PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL audio/MIDI interface….

Ascend Studios The Proposal Mobile App

The Proposal is an iPad app tool designed to provide sales professionals access to critical sales proposal-related information on their iPad….

Networked Digital Signage System at Legends Entertainment District

A key feature of the district is a state-of-the-art digital LED network that keeps visitors entertained and updated throughout the area….

Steerable Array For Large-format Church, St. Ann’s Catholic Church

When it was built in the 19th century, St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church in Penetanguishene, Canada, employed the acoustical technology of its day….

Meet Customers: International Facilities Manager Association (IFMA)

IFMA is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international association for professional facility managers….

Whitepaper: Understanding 4D Color

4DColor—a recent advancement in projection technology—is changing the rules….

Special Report: Broadcast Facility Integration

Case Study: Church of Champions

The Church of Champions in Houston recently purchased four JVC GY-HM790U ProHD camcorders, along with a KM-H3000U production switcher and DT-V24G11Z 24in. studio monitor. …

Case Study: Far Eastern University

The Department of Communication at Far Eastern University (FEU) in Manila, Philippines, recently renovated its video production facilities with a Broadcast Pix Granite 1000 video control center. …

Utah Scientific Utah-100/UDS Distribution System

The Utah-100/UDS Universal Distribution System from Utah Scientific combines the flexibility of a multi-rate digital routing switcher with the economy of simple distribution amplifiers for use in signal distribution applications in all types of facilities. …

Digital Rapids StreamZ Live Encoder

Digital Rapids’ new carrier-grade StreamZ Live broadcast hybrid live encoder combines Digital Rapids’ multiscreen output versatility and quality with features for the unique demands of broadcast, cable, telco, and satellite television operations….

Blackmagic Design Videohub 4.9 Control Software

Blackmagic Design Videohub 4.9 is a new software update that adds macro support as well as advanced network-based configuration of control panels for its range of Videohub SDI routers and Smart Control panels. …

DVEO MultiStreamer IP/IP Brutus Transcoder

DVEO will introduce numerous innovative new products at the NAB Show this month including a 200-channel enterprise-class multi-blade transcoder streaming system, called MultiStreamer IP/IP Brutus. …

Harris HView SX Pro Display Management System

Harris introduces HView SX Pro, a scalable, high-density multi-display management system. …

Matrox Convert DVI PLUS HD-SDI Scan Converter

Matrox adds new features to its Convert DVI Plus HD-SDI scan converters. …

New Products

Extron XTRA Series XPA 4002-70V

This 1RU, convection-cooled XTRA Series XPA 4002-70V amplifier delivers 400W per channel for 70V distributed speakers….

Panasonic AV-HS410

The AV-HS410 from Panasonic is a nine-input live HD/SD switcher….

Canon XU-80

Incorporating a 2.1 Megapixel sensor, the XU-80 camera is ideal for outdoor sports and event broadcasting, weather and traffic POV camera installations, houses of worship, education, security, medical, and many other applications….

Haivision Kraken ISR

The Kraken ISR transcoder is designed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems that capture full-motion video (FMV)….

Discover Video RTMP Flash stream recorder

The RTMP recorder allows you to display and record a live RTMP (“Real Time Message Protocol”) video stream from the Internet….

Altinex TNP128 and TNP123C

Available in both standard and custom configurations, the TNP128 and TNP128C interconnect boxes offer easy access to a variety of video, audio, computer, network, and power connections….

Lightware UMX-TP-TX100R

The Universal Cat-x Transmitter supports VGA, YPbPr, DVI, and HDMI 1.3 and accepts analog stereo, 5.1 S/PDIF, and 7.1 HDMI embedded audio signals….

Fulcrum Acoustic RX699

Designed for tight spaces such as stage lip, balconies, kiosks, multimedia, and delay/fill applications, the RX699’s coaxial design delivers natural sound on and off-axis….

Altinex SR208-100

The SR208-100 is designed to upscale (or down-scale) a standard PC video input to any of several popular PC/HD resolutions….

Broadcast Pix Video Control Center 3.0

Broadcast Pix introduced its Video Control Center 3.0 software for its Granite and Mica Video Control Centers. …

Opticis OHD 14 and OHD 18

The OHD 14 and OHD 18 make one HDMI video source split into four or eight DVI displays simultaneously without any signal loss or digital noise….

DK-Technologies DK3 Compact Audio Loudness Meter

The DK3 features a 3G HD/SDI video input so users can de-embed audio from a video stream….

Waves Audio InPhase Plugin

The InPhase plugin is designed for recording, mix, mastering, and live FOH/monitoring engineers, and to correct phasing issues between tracks….

Hitachi CP-WX8255 and CP-X8160

The new CP-WX8255 and CP-X8160 projectors feature 360-degree off-axis display capability, a new Status Monitoring System, higher brightness, and networking ability….

Video Mount Products FP-MFTB Multi-Just

The low-profile FP-MFTB holds medium-sized flat panels from 27- to 42in. and up to 100lbs….

Lightwave Visual Engineeering 25G Hybrid Matrix

The 25G Hybrid Matrix supports eight media layers: video, audio, Ethernet, USB KVM, USB 2.0, IR, RS-232 and CEC channels….

New Matrox Convert DVI Plus HD-SDI Features

Matrox has announced new features for Convert DVI Plus HD-SDI scan converters….

Audio Authority SonaFlex SF-16M

The SF-16M audio matrix amplifier features 16 RCA and two Cat-5-based FlexPort inputs….

Bittree Micro-Video Patchbay

The Micro-Video Patchbay is ideal for use in mobile production, outside broadcast vans, and any other video production application….

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